Hindi Cell

In Complaince with the Official Languages Policy of Govt of India, the Official Languages Act., 1963 and the Official Languages Rules, 1976, Hindi Cell was established on 30th December, 1981 vide BOG Resolution No. 37/81 with the following objectives:

  1. To implement Official Languages Policy, and compliance of provisions of Official Languages, Act., 1963 and Rule 1976 in the Institute.To achieve this goal there is Official Languages Committee in the Institute w.e.f. 21.1.1985, which meets in every quarter and takes decision on policy matters. Accordingly, Hindi Cell takes follow up action. This include achieving the targets of Annual Programme for transacting the Official work of the Union in Hindi, to organize Hindi day/Fortnight, to monitor internal progress of the Institute regarding use of Hindi, submitting quarterly progress report, preparation for inspections by MHRD, OLD, Ministry of Home Affairs and Parliamentary Committee on Official Languages.

  2. Translation work of Annual Report,Annual Accounts,Prospectus, Convocation related work and all other circulars/orders/Official correspondences as and when required.

  3. Publication of 'Sampark' fortnightly news Bulletin & 'Jigyasa' a scientific Hindi Patrika.

  4. Training:

    • To organize Hindi Typing/Stenography/Language training/workshops for staff to motivate/promote them to do their Official work in Hindi.
    • To organize scientific and technical seminars/workshops for Reasarch Scholars and faculty to promote technical writing in Hindi

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