1234 Discover and Learn Projects (1‐2‐3‐4)

Second call of Discover & Learn (1-2-3-4) Projects is now open for submission. The objective of this initiative is to enhance research aptitude among undergraduate student and increase the component of ‘learning by research’. Involvement of students at a very early stage of their stay at the institute and working jointly with senior students will expose the students to the excitement of research. In addition, continuity of research project with a particular objective for at least 4 years is expected to result in meaningful research output, which will add to profile of the students.

A group of 4 students each from 1,2,3 and 4 year of undergraduate programme (5th year for Dual degree) may propose the project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. As the 4th/5th year student will be graduating, an additional student from the 1st year can be co‐opted every year so that the strength of the team remains unchanged. IRD will provide up to Rs. 2 lakh per year to the faculty mentor for purchase of consumables etc. Depending upon the progress and performance, the duration of the project may go up to 4 to 5 years. The project will be evaluated every 6 months. In the first call, 20 projects were sanctioned and in the second call about 15 more projects will be sanctioned. It is expected that faculty mentor and students will participate only in one project at a time. Addition and deletion of students be done with prior permission of mentor and IRD in new academic calendar year.

The closing date for proposal submission is extended till Oct 12 (Thu), 2017 due to scheduled Minor II exam. The details are available in IRD website.