69th Republic Day Celebrated @ IITD

The 69th Republic Day celebration was held with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour at IIT Delhi on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion institute director Prof V Ramgopal Rao spelt out the significance of Republic Day and how this day gave us the power to elect a leader.

"India has 560 million people under the age of 25. In the coming times, India will be the most youthful and dynamic nation. Education is the most important thing that needs to be focused. IITs have a major role in nation building. They are centres of excellence. We need to be the best in whatever we do," Prof Rao said.

Stressing the importance of pursuing higher education Prof Rao said: "You are the people who have to contribute to the nation. Learn as much as possible. We need to connect better with the society, understand the problems that exist in the society. Simply doing a B. Tech will not help much. We need to diligently pursue higher education and acquire as much knowledge as possible."

Later the director gave away the prizes for outstanding achievements in the field of sports.This was followed by a vibrant cultural presentation by the students.