AQUASENSE: Providing innovative solutions in water sector

AquaSense Private Limited is a StartUp India recognized company (DIPP1962) developing innovative solutions in the water sector, under the Make in India program of Government of India.

Ankit Singhal, CEO of the company in an interaction with Dr Vanita Srivastava spells out the technological journey and the way forward.

What were the major challenges that you had to face?


We had the challenge of manufacturing the product in India, without a lot of capital at our disposal. This meant that we had to be extremely choosy in our strategy. Besides this we also had to compete with the imported products in the market.


What is the underlying technology?


Statometer which is an Acoustic Digital Water Level Recorder (DWLR), is the first product in our product lineup for water sector. It is a propriety product (patent filed), indigenously developed in India. The technology of device is based on signal processing and analysis of spectrum of acoustic waves, to measure the depth of water in a well. We also provide telemetry services through GPRS with Cloud storage of collected data and an interactive Dashboard. The Dashboard is equipped with visualization of time series charts, GPS location, and basic analytical tools for trend analysis.


What kind of social affect does your startup have?


Water is a subject which affects one and all. When we are developing solutions for measuring water we are touching all the people of the society. Specifically, National Green Tribunal has asked the Ground Water board to develop guidelines for regulating ground water extraction and our product is being sold to the water extracting companies and business houses. This creates a mechanism for checking the extraction of water by these businesses. Besides this we are generating jobs which any startup or business does.


What is your future plan?


Our future plan is to become a leading manufacturer of water sensors with IoT capabilities.