Bolstering Research: Discover and Learn (1-2-3-4) Projects

Aimed at sprucing multi-disciplinary research a large number of Discover and Learn (1-2-3-4) Projects were put to display for the new undergraduate students during the Orientation Programme at IIT Delhi recently.

The objective of this initiative is to enhance research aptitude among undergraduate student and increase the component of ‘learning by research’.

A group of 4 students each from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of undergraduate programme propose the project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. When the 4th year student graduates, an additional student from the 1st year is co-opted every year so that the strength of the team remains unchanged. The 4th year student at a particular time will lead the project team.

The students work on an interdisciplinary project that has prototype as an output addressing a societal need.

Among those that were on display was a project that helps in real time fall assessment in elderly people. This projects aims to have a wearable sensor and algorithm designing. The embedded system with wireless monitoring is developed using sensors.

Another one displayed the roadmap on developing a low cost efficient health monitoring system for a rotating machinery. The researchers have strived to find the fault in the machine by observing the patterns created by the vibrations. The present one in the market costs around Rs 2 lakh and the aim is to bring the cost to less than Rs 10,000.

The project on Corporate Social Responsibility by the Department of Management Studies attempts to throw light how CSR evolved in western as well as Indian origin.