Development of a Smart and Intelligent Soldier Jacket

Joint Advanced Technology Centre (JATC) at IIT Delhi has a research vertical Smart and Intelligent Textile (SITEX). Under this vertical, faculties and researchers have been working on development of smart soldier jackets for Indian Army. This smart system is being developed jointly by DRDO and IIT Delhi researchers. Briefs are given below:

PI and Co-PIs: Prof.Anuj Dhawan, Electrical Engineering Department (PI) and & other Co-PIs.

Scope: The scope of this work involves the design, fabrication, and testing of a smart and intelligent soldier jacket that has integrated interconnects, antennas, sensors for monitoring both the physiological characteristics of the soldier wearing the jacket and the environment around the soldier as well as devices for signal processing and communication. In this work, firstly textile-based flexible circuit boards and multi-chip modules will be developed. Secondly, we will carry out the modeling, fabrication, and testing of different kinds of RF and microwave antennas on textile-based and polymeric substrates. Finally, we will be developing and integrating several kinds of physiological monitoring sensors as well as environment sensors (explosive sensors, gas sensors, etc.) on textile fabrics. A schematic of Smart and Intelligent Soldier Jacket is shown below:

The objective of the project is to develop technology prototypes of soldier jackets embedded with sensors for physiological monitoring, chemical and gas sensors, integrated interconnects and antennas to ease the mobility of the soldier with capability of detecting various threats and in-built communication electronics.