DRDO-IITD Joint Advanced Technology Centre ‘JATC’

JATC has been set up by DRDO at IIT Delhi for making pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security using capabilities of potential researchers amongst IIT Delhi academia. It will generate an innovation ecosystem that includes academia, industry and DRDO partners, with a constant focus on the Nation’s military futuristic requirements. Based on this new Directed Research concept, the enabling strong DRDO stake-holding, five important technology verticals have been planned. Out of the planned verticals, 23 projects launched with quantifiable deliverables in the identified three verticals.

Under the research vertical-1 ‘Advanced Ballistics, Special Structure and Protection Technologies’ (ABSSP), the major objective is the development of lightweight body armour system for high threat level protection. It includes the research work on the understanding of the physical phenomena, developing new high performance material and their static & high strain rate dependent characterization, establishing non-linear mathematical modelling and simulation techniques and tools, evolving & establishing material models, processing of materials, manufacturing process, evolving safety assessment, test methods and creation of research facilities.

The research vertical-2 of Smart and Intelligent Textile (SITEX) shall mainly focus upon the creation of technologies and products for specified defence applications which are based primarily on textiles as the major component. The development of important technologies and products include envelope material development for aerostat and airship with strain sensors, protective textiles for defense personnel against extreme climate conditions, smart and intelligent soldier jacket with embedded and integrated sensors for detecting the real-time physiological characteristics and bullet penetration, flexible interconnects, antennas and electronics for signal processing/communications, temperature and gas sensors, chemical & biological warfare agent sensors and acoustic arrays, as well as display devices.

The research vertical-3 of Advanced Electromagnetic Devices and Terahertz (EMDTERA) would address the research needs for advanced Imaging, sensing and communication technologies using THz and RF MEMS based higher bandwidth communication technologies and subsystems relevant to defence and security.

The remaining two verticals on Photonics and Brain Computer Interface & Brain Machine Intelligence are in the process of research articulation and approval.