Effect of Particle Shape on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer for Methane Steam Reforming Reactions in a Packed Bed

To assess the effect of particle shapes on fluid flow, heat transfer and reaction performance for industrially important Methane Steam Reforming (MSR) reactions.

This work is featured on the cover page of the ISCRE 24 special issue of AIChE Journal (Jan 2017). This special issue contains a selected collection of state-of-the-art developments in the field of CRE presented at ISCRE-24 (Minneapolis, USA, June 2016) by distinguished international researchers in reaction engineering, prominent industrial practitioners, and new researchers and students. For Methane Steam Reforming (MSR) reactions, the present study showed that the external shaping of particles offered lower pressure drop, but lower values of effectiveness factor indicating strong diffusion limitations. The internally shaped particles offered increased surface area, led to higher effectiveness factor and allowed to overcome the diffusion limitations. The effective heat transfer and effectiveness factor of the trilobe-shaped particle per unit pressure drop was found to be the best among the particle shapes considered in the present work.

Department of Chemical Engineering