Excellence in Teaching Awards

As many as 10 faculty members were recognized with the Excellence in Teaching Awards on the Foundation Day on January 29.

The awardees include Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar (DMS), Prof. Manoj Datta (Civil), Prof. Deepak U Patil (EE), Prof. N. Shravan Kumar (Maths), Prof. Amit Priyadarshi (Maths), Prof. Amlendu Kumar Dubey (DMS, Prof. Shashank Bishnoi (Civil), Prof. Abhijit Ramchandra Abhyankar (EE), Prof. Dalip Singh Mehta (Physics) and Prof. Sampa Saha (CPSE).

The recipients thanked the students and the IIT administration for bestowing them with this honour.

“When we teach we always learn new things. This award is a huge motivation for someone who is fairly new in academics,” Prof Kar said.

Echoing the same Prof Datta said that teaching was an art of weaving a story around a mundane topic. “We should strive to be a role model and teach what is actually not on the Internet.”

Prof Patil said the award was very special for him as he had joined IIT in November 2017. “Teaching these courses has been a wonderful experience. “ When you teach, you soon find that there are many gaps in your understanding. It has been a beautiful learning experience for me.”

While thanking the institute, students, family and research fellows Prof Vishnoi said it had been 7-8 years since he joined IIT and every year there was a lot to learn.

“For a teacher the connect with the students was a lifeline. All these years I have tried to learn whatever I could from my students,” Prof Ramchandra said.

Prof Saha said that teaching had been both challenging and energizing.