Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Project (FIRP)

With the objective of enhancing Interdisciplinary and collaborative research interest in the institute, invitation were sent to all faculty members for submission of project proposals in Sept 2016. It was mentioned that a team of two or more faculty members having expertise in different disciplines working in different departments/centers/schools should come together to submit projects. It is expected that these interdisciplinary research groups will grow in size or merge with other research groups and in the process enhance the level of expertise and scope of research in a specific interdisciplinary theme. Further, these interdisciplinary research groups will attract strong support from external funding agencies and catalyze the synergic 'cross-research activity' between different faculty members across the institute leading to joint research publications, patents and PhD supervisions. These projects are to be considered as one time grant and the success of these projects will be judged based on the external grants the team is able to generate. The projects were evaluated by the external experts in Nov 2016 and FIRP started functioning from Dec 2016 and Jan 2017 depending on availability of manpower with PIs. We sanctioned 38 projects out 90 projects submitted. Selected project is given an initial grant of Rs 10 Lakh. Rs 5 lakh is given as the seed fund for the first year followed by similar fund in the 2nd year. It is expected that the joint research team will submit at least one research project to a funding agency on the completion of the 1st year. Additional funds covering the scholarship of a PhD student for 4 years can also be provided, if required and justified based on the progress of the first year. In this context first evaluation of FIRP were held on Aug 8 in the foyer of Dogra Hall with external experts as evaluator. It was well attended by faculty and students. Prof Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi, took keen interest and visited all the posters, which is a big encouragement for the community. Evaluation of the FIRP will be done again beginning of next year and a new FIRP call soon will be launched.