IITD Day Care Center, a boon for young parents

IITD Day Care Center, a boon for young parents

Young parents on the IIT Delhi campus now have a new support platform for grooming their kids.

The IIT Delhi Day Care Center on the campus is built with an objective to support the researchers and faculty to take care of their kids and provide them with a stimulating environment.

As many as 40 kids can be admitted at the Center at a time. The Center is open for children of 18 months till 8 years of age. This will be especially helpful to the women as it will ease their stress on looking after their kid while they are working.

The Center is operational from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm and is divided into three slots—half day, full day and afternoon. It fundamentally caters to play group and nursery kids. The curriculum centers around social and emotional development, cognitive development and developing creative arts.

This is a much needed positive intervention and the other academic institutions should emulate. It will also spruce up the recruitments,” says Arjun Ghosh, President of Day Care Management Committee.

The Center was developed and renovated from the precincts of a faculty house on the campus. The day to day running of the Center has been outsourced to an external agency Footprints, a pre-school and play group chain. Besides being equipped with all the fundamental facilities, the Center is armed with all the modern technologies. An app based service through CCTV can enable parents to remotely watch what their kids are doing at the Center. The Parents Connect group gives a constant update on the activities of the child to the parents.

Naresh Varma Datla assistant professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering feels this is a boon for the campus. “We are extremely happy that this has started in IITD. The Center has a caring and child friendly environment."

Center Director Raina Jaggi maintains that the main focus was to provide a stable and stimulating environment that knits a solid foundation in the child. “We are constantly endeavouring to enhance the fundamental skills in the child. This can be achieved through various kinds of activities. The HighScope curriculum that we follow targets an overall development for the child.”