iMeditate-IITDelhi Program

After getting lot of requests, we are finally launching weekly free iMeditate-IITDelhi program. This open to all session is a golden opportunity to get introduced to the realm and benefits of meditation. In the hustle and bustle of life where we have so much to achieve and so many works to do, we tend to accumulate unnecessary stresses in body and mind. Like brushing teeth is dental hygiene, meditation is mental hygiene, which helps to get rid of stresses which we have accumulated over a period of time. Meditation makes us fresh and rejuvenated. Just a few minutes of meditation gives absolute relaxation after which we can face the challenges with improved focus, high energy and happier/positive state mind.

Date: Every Thursday starting from Thursday, 14th February

Venue: NRCVEE Meditation Hall, Block 5 Room 401

Time: 6:14 PM