Immune responses to silk-based biomaterials


Silk protein produced by Bombyx mori silkworm has widely been used as biomaterial. Silk Fibroin is considered to be biocompatible, but Sericin causes activation to immune cells. However in vivo clinical trials using Fibroin biomaterials occasionally reported nominal inflammatory reactions. For the first time we demonstrated how secondary conformation of silk protein, stiffness and architecture of silk biomaterials can modulate cell morphology and immunostimulatory effects. This study, published at Biomaterials (IF 7.6), offers valuable insight in innate and adaptive immune responses to silk biomaterials, which is crucial for tissue engineering and drug delivery.

Sponsoring Organization: 

DST (Indo-Swiss Joint Research Program)

Contact details: 

Dr Sourabh Ghosh, Prof Alok R. Ray

Department of Textile Technology