Imprint: Development of web enabled learning/training modules for nanomaterials, fabrication and devices

IIT Delhi researchers are working on a project for the development of web enabled learning and training modules for nanotechnology.

The main objective of the project is to design and develop high impact learning and training modules on Nanotechnology for undergraduate, postgraduate students/scientists/engineers to facilitate learning at their own pace and convenience in a scalable and repeatable manner. The learning/training modules for different topics on nanotechnology contents such as synthesis of nanomaterials, characterization and device fabrication will be developed.” Prof Neeraj Khare, the principal investigator of the project says.

Project Target

Currently there is lot of enthusiasm among engineering and science students towards learning in area of nanotechnology. Besides this, there are many professionals who want to upgrade their skills in this new emerging area of nanotechnology. Many universities/institutions have launched courses on nanotechnology for graduate and postgraduate students. However there is little opportunity to enhance their learning in this area at their pace and convenience. To fulfil these requirements this project is planned to develop web enabled learning modules on nanotechnology. The research team will develop video based on the actual work/operation of these facilities which will be included in the content of the modules and will be very helpful for onsite training.

Course Module

The course contents will be hosted on customised portal for access through internet or mobile apps to facilitate learning of students in the area of nanotechnology including learning via massively open online course (MOOCS). Some of the modules for onsite training will include the use of equipment/facilities for fabrication and characterization. The effectiveness of web enabled learning/training modules will be tested and demonstrated through user workshops and field tests.

The contents will be developed for the following topics of nanotechnology: (i) Fabrication of nanostructures (bottom up approach and top down approach) (ii) Characterization of nanostructures (iii) Fabrication of nanostructure devices. The contents for the Fabrication of nanostructures will include different vacuum and non-vacuum technology including chemical solution growth process.