India Today's Best Colleges Survey: IIT Delhi declared No.1 Engineering Institute

The India Today Group's Survey of the Best Colleges in Education in India has declared IIT Delhi as No.1 Engineering institute in the country.

Welcoming the findings of the Survey, Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi said that the primary focus at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and research, right from the B.Tech to the PhD level.

“To encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among the faculty as well, India’s top-ranked engineering college has started a weekly initiative called Faculty Innovation and Research Entrepreneurship (FIRE), where faculty members who wish to turn their research work into a start-up can work on their projects, which would be funded by the institute. Of the 21 unicorns built by IITians, 11 are by Delhi IITians,” Prof. V Ramgopal Rao said.

He added, “We are doing pretty well but there is still a lot of scope for us to go to that next level and that is the path that we are undertaking.”

About India Today's Best Colleges Survey: The survey was conducted by Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA), a reputed Delhi-based market research agency between November 2018 and April 2019.

According to Indian Today Today Group, during objective ranking, MDRA carefully attuned 112-plus attributes in each stream (performance indicators) to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons of colleges in their respective streams.

These performance indicators were clubbed into five broad parameters-'Intake Quality & Governance', 'Academic Excellence', 'Infrastructure & Living Experience', 'Personality & Leadership Development' and 'Career Progression & Placement'.

Moreover, to give more realistic, relevant and updated information, MDRA has evaluated colleges based on current year data.

20th May, 2019