Industry Day- 2018 :: Interview with Dr. Puneet Gupta

Dr. Puneet Gupta is Founder and CEO at Clensta International Private Ltd. An Alumnus of IIM-Calcutta, he has implemented various scientific programs with DRDO, MoD, MEA. He is experienced in strategic planning, Sales & Marketing and Business development.

In an interview with Dr Vanita Srivastava he talks about strategies for building a roadmap for better Industry-Academia interlink.

How do you see events like Industry Day forge better Industry-Academic collaborations?


Industry day is an event that is crucial for every institute. These events are necessary from the point of view of bringing two different yet similar worlds together – institutional research and corporate world. Events like these brings in lots of opportunity to the scholars, where they notice visually the future roadmap of their product or their idea and explore opportunities like incubator seed investors and industrial collaborations and so on. The industry interacts with young talents and join hands or support those project, which sounds promising to scale their growth in terms of company product portfolio.


What in your opinion, should be the roadmap for better Academia-Industry linkage for CSR initiatives and technology interventions? What are the major challenges and how can they be overcome?


In my opinion, the roadmap should be simple and defined. Events like Industry Day itself, is a classic example of a step towards better academia-industry linkage. There should be more opportunities of skill development and other crucial activities / workshops which help to build a better structure. The initiatives of CSR would be more smooth if, we come up with a certain platform / website that would help the companies to know the types of research happening at the institutes.