International Year of Periodic Table 2019: Lecture on ‘Mendeleev’s Universe: Where does it end?’

The year 2019 is being celebrated as the International Year of Periodic Table on the 150th birth anniversary of Dimtri Mendeleev, a Russian Scientist who first developed the periodic system of 63 elements in order of their characteristics and atomic weight.

The National Science Centre (National Council of Science Museums), Ministry of Culture, Government of India had organised a lecture on 13th August, 2019 on the topic ‘Mendeleev’s Universe: Where does it end?’ which was delivered by Prof. Nidhi Jain, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Delhi.

Prof. Jain explained how the iconic arrangement came about, what it means and how it works. From its earliest beginnings 150 years ago, she explained how atomic structure gives rise to the diverse range of chemical properties from metals which explode in water, to elements which enable things to burn. The new additions to the existing table were also presented.

A new Science Show on “Periodic Table: Elements, Compound & Reactions” was also launched on this occasion.

The interactive demonstration explained the need of classification of elements, trends in periodic table, elements their compound and some interesting chemical reactions.

490 students from 15 schools participated in the activities and every participating student was given an educational kit on Chemistry “Hexaflexogon” EO(KC).