New Department @ IITD: Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE)

In an effort to boost the study of materials and promote multidisciplinary research, IIT Delhi has started a new department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE).

The department, formally inaugurated on January 4, 2018, has 10 core faculty which includes 6 from the Center for Polymer Science and Engineering and 4 from Applied Mechanics. The plan is to add 10-15 new faculty in the next 2-3 years.

Department Head Prof A K Ghosh maintains that the new academic centre will conduct state-of-the-art research in the field of materials at a global scale. “We are looking forward to building a very strong department engaging the existing faculty and recruiting new ones with various specializations in the emerging areas of materials sciences and engineering,” he says.

Unveiling the plans, Prof Ghosh said that to begin with the department will offer Ph.D, M.Tech and MS(R) programmes from this year. The B.Tech programme is planned for academic session 2019.

Besides opening opportunities for national and international collaborations, the new department will foster collaborations with labs and assist in the creation of materials specific research ecosystem.

The research areas that the department will focus on include alloys and composites of lightweight metallic materials, nanoscale surface engineering on structural or automobile materials, polymeric materials, novel functional materials and energy materials. The future research landscape will tread through 4-dimensional materials characterization with materials modelling, multi-scale computational materials science and meta-materials.

Established in 1979, the Centre for Materials Science and Technology (CMST), became an independent entity in 1993 as Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering (CPSE), which had emerged as a leading centre in the country for teaching and research in emerging new frontiers in polymer science and technology. The new department that has been formed by merging CPSE with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering will endeavour to maintain the ongoing research in the area of polymers.