Open House:for female candidates who cleared JEE Advanced-2018

Astha is looking for taking up Biotech in IIT Delhi.

"I have come to attend the counselling session to get some clarity on what are my prospects of getting admission." Astha is one among the nearly 180 female candidates who had descended to IIT Delhi for the female counselling session on July 17 of those who had cleared the JEE(Advanced), 2018. There were students accompanied from far flung places like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab.

The LHC 121 on Sunday resonated with a barrage of questions- what is the best course, choice between IIT and NIT, job prospects etc. — the questions seemed endless.

The ten desks, each monitored by an expert of a specific discipline extended help to the girls in redressing their confusions. 'We need more and more girls to come to IITs. Girls make better engineers and on average, their performance is better than boys after joining IITs. They need more support and guidance" says institute director Prof. V Ramgopal Rao.

Agrees Prof. Shalini Gupta, nodal Officer, JEE (Women), IIT Delhi. 'There are so many social and culural biases prevalent in our society. This platform serves to wipe out those out. We are telling the candidates that more than the branch, the child should focus on what she can excel in.'

Amulya who came all the way from Dehradun said this had been helpful in understanding the flourishing branches. Sangye Choden had come to get some clarity on whether to opt for engineering or economics. 'I have now got some clarity,' she says with a smile. Kirti from Delhi was more keen to understand whether it is worth opting for a good stream in NIIT or an avergae stream in IIT. Manoj Kumar, who came without his daughter from Ghaziabad, felt that it was an innovative platform to make the children understand what they really want. This is a fragile age so many are not able to decide independantly.'

The event was organized under the aegis of 'Initiative for Gender Equity and Sensitization (IGES)', a unit of IITD that was created on March 08, 2018. A similar counselling event for the qualified female candidates held last year had evoked an enthusiastic response. "The aim is to help qualified female candidates make their choices during the JEE/JoSAA 2018 counselling process for admission to the IITs, in particular IIT Delhi," says Prof. Shalini Gupta. This year, about 14% of seats in every branch at every IIT have been designated as 'female-only' seats (this has been done by creating sufficient supernumerary seats, without any reduction in the number of seats available to non-female candidates). The total number of female-only seats across all IITs is 1,852. The total number of women who have qualified in JEE (Advanced) 2018 is 4,179.

"We advise all female candidates to not go by previous years' closing ranks, but instead fill in as many of their genuine preferences as they can in order to maximize their chances of getting a high-preference branch and/or campus," says Prof. Sumeet Agarwal, one of the event coordinators.