Optical Twisters-driven Helically-stacked Multi-layered Microrotors


Dynamically reconfigurable helically-stacked multi-layered light-driven microrotors (arm diameter of just 2 micrometers ~ (1/30)th of that of a human hair !!!) are realized within complex 3D optical twister interference patterns. Within the individually-tunable intertwined 3D helical bright arms, the silica beads are optically trapped as spiraling multilayered handles of multi-armed microrotors (Featured as the cover of Applied Physics Letters, American Institute of Physics, 2012). Moreover, the versatile in-plane parallel actuation of multiple rows of microrotors with controllable sense of rotation, points to their applications as advanced individually addressable helically stacked bio-motors, reconfigurable multiple micro-pumps, tunable micro-stirrers or mixers, tailored particle sorting micromachines etc. Research and development is done in collaboration with LBAID division, RRCAT, Indore.

Contact details: 

Prof. Joby Joseph

Department of Physics