Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Our next Sahaj Samadhi Meditation course with scientists Dr. Banani Chakraborty and Dr. Subinoy Das from Bangalore is scheduled from 15-17 March 2019 in IIT Delhi. They are coming back as lot of IITians wanted to learn this meditation. They are teaching this meditation in all IITs and IISc. The Sahaj Meditation is one of the profound yet effortless technique which has benefited 50 million people like myself, and you can learn to meditate on your own.

The registration link is given below.

This is a one to one meditation teaching and thus, slots are limited. Two parallel sessions will be there, one in morning and one in evening. You may join either the morning or the evening session.

If you have not done Sahaj Meditation yet, please register soon. After the course, you may join the PAN-IIT-IISc Sahaj Meditation followup every alternate week which is free of cost. The one time donation you give for learning sahaj first time, all the money goes to schools for underprivileged children. Looking forward to see you registered in the course. If you face any difficulty with registration process, please let me know.