Startup@ IITD: Harvesting Energy

MachPhy led by a team of young entrepreneurs that provide services related to sustainable and renewable energy solutions, teambuilding to develop prototypes and skill development. The startup is promoted by talented technocrats and the team includes dedicated professionals with years of specialization in solar energy and electronics. Armed with experts in fields ranging from ideation to automation, household to commercial and rural-urban requirements, the team is committed to supply the customised quality products and render quality services. Their goal is to reduce carbon emissions by using free solar radiation with the latest technology.

In an interview with Dr Vanita Srivastava, the Co-founder of the startup Pradeep Rout spells out the vision and the roadmap of the company.

How and when did you get the idea for this startup?
The contours of our startup were sketched when we were visiting a friend for his sister's marriage in a remote town near Patna in 2014. During the event we met a small kid who was affected with polio. This was the time when India was declared polio free. We did a lot of research on the vaccine delivery system in rural India and gradually got motivated to design a small, high performing yet affordable device to carry vaccines from local PHC/CHCs to immunization points. Slowly we came across other sectors of the industry where the same solutions could benefit people across different groups. We want to address the needs of sustainable energy.

What were the major challenges that you encountered?
Learning different aspects of the business, working with various teams, overcoming bureaucratic hurdles, conducting research and building devices were some of the major challenges

What is your future roadmap?
We have a vision to provide simple innovative and revolutionary products to our customers and we see ourselves as the future leaders in cold chain systems and sustainable energy systems

Would you like to spell out something for the young entrepreneurs?
Learning is a never ending process. Never shy from taking risks.

Team members:
Pradeep Rout
Gaurav Anand
Devesh Rath
Biplab Behera