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What is counseling?

It is a process wherein the aim is to help clients, mainly outside medical setting. The counselor's repertoire of skills includes those of forming an understanding relationship as well as interventions focused on helping clients change specific aspects of their feeling thinking and acting for effective living and personal responsibility. All sorts of people go for counseling and this doesn't mean that they are "mad" or "weak". On the contrary, people who do come for counseling are showing a willingness to deal with their problems rather than running away from them.

A counselor is a helping professional Counseling is effective when the recipient is willing and agrees to seek help.

Some areas of counseling are:
  • Nurturing and Healing
  • Problem management
  • Decision Making
  • Crisis management
  • Support and life skills training
  • The center makes appropriate referrals when professional assistance can no longer be fruitful
  • Protects the confidentiality and releases personal data only according to prescribed laws or institute polices. The information shared and records maintained are kept safe and confidential, unless such disclosure is necessary to protect you or another person.