Teachers Day celebrated at IITD

Teachers Day was celebrated with lots of enthusiasm at IIT Delhi on September 5 by giving away the Teaching Excellence Awards and felicitating those teachers who had superannuated.

Delivering his welcome address Institute Director Prof V Ramgopal Rao said that teaching profession had undergone a lot of changes and the range of activities that a teacher was expected to perform had become humongous. “Despite the complexities, the IIT system is able to survive mainly because of the teachers they recruit.”

Stressing on the need for the younger faculty to focus more on teaching he said: “Teaching is the best way to attract students. The satisfaction that you get after delivering a good lecture is unparalleled.“

Prof Rao emphasized on the need to increase the number of Excellence Awards.” If not money, certificates can be given for recognition. We need to monitor the teaching feedback, calculate the average teaching feedback and identify who has got the highest and lowest in the entity.”

Listing the other things on the agenda he said the classroom sizes should be smaller, and no class should be more than the optimum size. “We should have more tutorials in the curriculum The Educational Technology Services Center (ETSC) should go to next level of teaching and there should be a platform for mentorship of the younger faculty.”

After the welcome address by the Director, the Teaching Excellence Awards were given away. The recipients of the award this year are:

  • Prof. Rohit Narula (Physics)
  • Prof. Rajendra Singh (Physics)
  • Prof. M.R. Ravi (Mechanical)
  • Prof. Bipin Kumar (Textile)
  • Prof. Supreet Singh Bahga (Mechanical)
  • Prof. Harshan Jagadeesh (Electrical)
  • Prof. Deepak Joshi (CBME)

In the end 14 faculty members who had superannuated last year were felicitated.

The programme that was moderated by Dean Academic Prof Bhim Singh was interspaced with some soulful cultural performances by the students.