Yoga a daily ritual at IITD


Priyanshu Mishra has been practicing Yoga for the last 7 years. Initially it was just as to learn something new but gradually it became a daily ritual for him.

“Yoga is a complete synchronization of mind, body and soul,” says this M.Tech student.

Besides helping him improve his concentration, Yoga has helped him weather stress.

“Sarvangasana is something I enjoy doing as it is a complete exercise of full body,” says Priyanshu who does Yoga daily for almost 60 minutes.


Yogendra Singh, an student grew up watching his father do Pranayam since he was in the 8th grade.

“My father had health issues and I saw how Pranayam helped him. I started doing it a few years back and now This is a part of my daily regimen,” he says.

Yogendra has recently joined Yoga classes on the campus and he is already finding a difference within himself.

“I feel healthy and less lethargic. I am confident that if I do it regularly it will help me lose weight.”


Hardik had problems with concentration. But since he has joined Yoga, his ability to focus has improved.

“It does not come over night. But I can sense a visible change,” he says.


Haimanti Mukhopadhyay, who has been teaching Yoga at IIT Delhi for several years admits that there has been a phenomenal increase in the students coming to learn Yoga. “Earlier the faculty student ratio used to be similar. Now the number of students outnumber the faculty. What I teach is not just about physical fitness but something beyond that. I find a lot of changes in the students who have been practicing Yoga.”

Agrees Sanjeev another Yoga teacher who trains in the morning.“ I strongly feel that Yoga should be a part of education curriculum. This has a tremendous potential to beat stress.”