Prospectus 2014-2015

Level Content File
Part 1. Introduction, Academics, Admissions, Fees, Students Life on Campus View
Part 2. Academic Units: Applied Mechanics, Biochemical Engg. and Biotech, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering View
Part 3. Academic Units: Electrical Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management Studies, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Textile Technology. View
Part 4. Academic Units: Applied Research in Electronics, Atmospheric Sciences, Biomedical, Computer Services, Educational Technology, Energy Studies, ITMMEC, IDDC, Polymer Science, Rural Development, NRCVEE, Bharti Telecomm. Tech. & Mgmt., Information Tech., Biological Sciences View
Part 5. Interdisciplinary Research Programme, Interdisciplinary M.Des. and M.Tech. Programmes, Major Central Facilities, Administrative Structure View