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Mechanical Fabrication

Requisitioning of jobs at MFF.
The jobs are given for fabrication to the MFF in the following manner:

  1. Fill the job requisition form available at the MFF, giving the job description, technical drawing/sketch and other details as mentioned therein. Also get the required signatures of the project supervisor/PI/CI, as well as, the Head of the Department, Centre or Section. A copy of the job requisition form has been attached at the end.

  2. Submit the filled job requisition form to the job card in-charge (Mr. Jaspal Singh) and discuss the job with him. He will give you a rough estimate of the time required and will also indicate if some material has to be supplied by you.

  3. You can also discuss the job with the job card in-charge, prior to submitting the job requisition form. He will provide any help required in the design or technical drawing, especially if you are from the non-engineering disciplines.

  4. Special undergraduate jobs will be entertained only on the recommendation of the Head, Central Workshop.

  5. In case of any difficulty the Coordinator, MFF can be contacted. Job requests can be refused only by the Coordinator, MFF. In case a job is taking more than 15 days, kindly meet the Coordinator, MFF. Reasons for the delay will be looked into and rectified.

  6. Consultancy jobs have normally been done after regular hours, as per the norms of the Institute. However, if there are no jobs of higher priorities, the jobs will be taken up during regular working hours and the labour costs will go to the Institute budget head. Sponsored project jobs are normally done during the regular working hours. However, if the PI wants the job to be done after regular working hours, due to shortage of time, the job can be done on an overtime basis on a written request from him.

No job will be done without a job requisition form, even if the job is very small. The jobs will be fabricated as per the description in the job requisition form. For any changes, please contact the Coordinator MFF. All jobs are carried out only by the mechanics in the MFF.

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