PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
MOHAMMAD ASJAD ITMMEC Development of a methodology for supportability of mechanical systems 15/10/2014
PRAVIN PRAMOD TAMBE Department of Mechanical Engineering An Integrated Approach for Maintenance, Quality Control and Production Scheduling for Manufacturing Systems. 15/10/2014
PRABHA ARYA Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Studies on modulation of gelsolin amyloidogenesis in vitro 15/10/2014
ROHIT SINGH LATHER Centre for Energy Studies Development & Experimental Investigation of Multi Cylinder Port Injected SI Engine Fuelled with CNG, HCNG and Hydrogen 14/10/2014
L. RAJYA LAKSHMI Department of Computer Science & Engineering Handover Management Techniques for WiMax Based Wireless Mesh Networks 14/10/2014
SHIV LAL Centre for Energy Studies Studies On Solar Chimney And Ground Coupled Heatexchangers For Space Conditioning In Buildings 13/10/2014
PRAVAKAR MOHANTY Department of Chemical Engineering Thermocatalytic conversion of lingo (hemi) cellulosic biomass to green fuels 13/10/2014
ABHEEJEET MOHAPATRA Department of Electrical Engineering New Efficient Techniques for Power System Analysis and Optimization 13/10/2014
NITIN ARORA Department of Mathematics Semiclean and Feebly Clean Rings and Rings of Continuous Functions 10/10/2014
SHEWTA KAMTHAN Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Designing of Perfusion System for Mammalian Cell Culture 10/10/2014
PRAMOD KUMAR SAHOO Department of Mathematics Extractive Text Summarization using Random Indexing 10/10/2014
KAVITA BHARDWAJ Department of Electrical Engineering Some Studies on Augmented Paper Systems 09/10/2014
SUSHMITA MUKHERJEE Department of Civil Engineering Integrated Irrigation Management Model for Deficit Irrigation 08/10/2014
ANSHU MITTAL Department of Management Studies Effectiveness of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Study of Corporate Enterprises From Indian Auto-Ancillary, IT and Pharmaceutical Sectors 08/10/2014
JYOTSANA GROVER Department of Electrical Engineering Fusion of Multimodal Biometrics 07/10/2014
DUSHYANT SINGH Department of Mechanical Engineering Jet Impingement Cooling of a Circular Cylinder 07/10/2014
TALAKOKULA VISALAKSHI Department of Civil Engineering Corrosion Assessment in Rebars of RC Structures Using Equivalent Parameters Extracted from Piezo-Patches 01/10/2014
OM PRAKASH Department of Chemistry Complexes of Metallic and Organometallic Half Sandwich Species with Organochalcogen Ligands and Catalytic Organic Reactions 25/09/2014
CHANDRASEKHAR PERUMALLA Department of Electrical Engineering Design of Smart Controllers for Active Distribution Systems 24/09/2014
MANASH JYOTI KASHYAP Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Processing and Properties Polypropylene Clay Nanocomposite Blown Films 22/09/2014