PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
CHETTU KANNA BABU ITMMEC Dynamic Studies of Rolling Element Bearings with Waviness as a Distributed Defect 10/09/2013
RINA SINGH Department of Physics Synthesis and Plasmonic Properties of Aluminium based Nanocomposites 09/09/2013
SUDIPTA GHOSH Department of Electrical Engineering Application of Model Order Reduction Techniques in Modern Power Systems 06/09/2013
SUBHABRATA PAUL Department of Mathematics Algorithmic Aspects of Liar's Domination And Its Variations 06/09/2013
NIRMALA SAINI Department of Physics Investigations on biometrics based information security systems 30/08/2013
AMRITA SINGH Department of Physics Structural and electrical characterization of non lead based oxides near MPB 23/08/2013
GUMMIDIPUDI KRISHNAIAH Department of Computer Science & Engineering Emulation for Rapid Design Space Exploration of On-Chip Networks 23/08/2013
ABHINAV KUMAR Department of Electrical Engineering Price Competition and Users Network Selection in Wireless Networks 22/08/2013
PRADEEP KUMAR SOW Department of Chemical Engineering Studies on Electro-electrodialysis for Concentration of Hydroiodic Acid 19/08/2013
HUIDROM LOKESHWOR SINGH Centre for Instrument Design & Development An improved method for automated evaluation of critical road surface distresses using video image based techniques 13/08/2013
MANISH GUPTA Department of Civil Engineering Elastic and Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Gravity Dam-Foundation System without and with Shear Seams 13/08/2013
SHAHKAR AHMAD NAHVI Department of Electrical Engineering Reduced Order Modelling and Fast Simulation Strategies for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 12/08/2013
V.RAMSAGAR Department of Chemical Engineering Unit-specific event-based models for short-term scheduling of batch plants 12/08/2013
NARAYAN LAL PANWAR Centre for Energy Studies Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Thermal Energy Systems for Agricultural and Rural Applications. 12/08/2013
LAVA BHARGAVA Department of Electrical Engineering Energy Estimation and Modeling of LDPC Decoders 08/08/2013
PRIYATOSH MANDAL Department of Electrical Engineering Cluster-Based MAC Protocols for Underwater Ad Hoc Sensor Networks 07/08/2013
SUNIL KUMAR PRAJAPATI Department of Mathematics Frobenius-Schur Indicator and Gel'fand Character 06/08/2013
HARDIK JEETENDRA PANDYA Centre for Instrument Design & Development Novel Techniques for MEMS-based VOC Sensors Using Neno-structured Metal Oxides 01/08/2013
SHABARIDHARAN K. Department of Textile Technology Study on Thermal and Moisture Vapour Transmission Characteristics of Multilayered Fabric Ensembles 30/07/2013
SANDEEP CHATURVEDI Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Modeling of packages for MMICs and MEMS 23/07/2013