PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
MD. SHAHID NAYEEM Department of Chemistry Computational studies on TGF-b ligands and their interaction with Receptor I and Receptor II 23/07/2013
KARUNESH KESHAV Department of Chemistry Chemistry of alkynyl and dipyrromethane derivatives of ferrocene and the cobalt sandwich compound CpCoC4Ph4 22/07/2013
NAVEEN KUMAR THAKRAL Centre for Biomedical Engineering Design and evaluation of organ specific drug delivery system 17/07/2013
VIKRANT SARIN Department of Chemical Engineering Wastewater treatment using membrane bioreactor 15/07/2013
MOHAMMAD ABID BAZAZ Department of Electrical Engineering Structure Preserving and Parametric Reduced Order Modeling Strategies for System Simulation 12/07/2013
SANJEEV KUMAR Centre for Biomedical Engineering Real time Electroencephalogram based Quantitative Estimation of Balanced Anesthesia in patients undergoing Orthopedic and Laparoscopic surgery 08/07/2013
ATUL VIR SINGH Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Investigation of Sputter Deposited Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Nitride Films for MEMS Technologies 03/07/2013
AMIT SHARMA Centre for Energy Studies Studies on U - Shaped Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger for Air-Conditioning Application 03/07/2013
NAVIN KUMAR DWIVEDI Centre for Energy Studies Numerical Simulations to Study Nonlinear Kinetic Alfven Waves in Solar and Geospace Plasmas 27/06/2013
BISWA RANJAN DAS Department of Textile Technology Static and dynamic failure behaviour of polyester/viscose blended spun yarns 19/06/2013
CHANDRA SHEKHAR VERMA Centre for Rural Development & Technology Studies on Mechanical Properties of Laminated Bamboo Composites 18/06/2013
MAGESH KUMAR K K Department of Physics Charged particle acceleration and Up/Down conversion of intense short pulse laser coupled to plasmas and nanotubes 17/06/2013
HEMANT AHUJA Centre for Energy Studies Investigations on the Dynamic Behavior of Grid Connected Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems 10/06/2013
PARIMITA MOHANTY Centre for Energy Studies Control Strategies for Distributed Generation Based Micro-grids 10/06/2013
SONIKA DANGI Humanities & Social Sciences Assessment and enhancement of psychological well-being of married migrant women in selected villages of Haryana 07/06/2013
MARATHE RATNAKAR SHRIKRISHNA Department of Mechanical Engineering Repositioning the upper extremity of finite element human body model 31/05/2013
SAURABH MAHESHWARI Humanities & Social Sciences Capital gain:exploring the role of different capitals in individuals career achievement. 23/05/2013
BHAMBURE RAHUL SHARAD Department of Chemical Engineering Theoretical and Experimental Studies for Development and Optimization of Liquid Chromatography Steps for Purification of a Biotherapeutic Protein 17/05/2013
LALIT MOHAN BAL Centre for Rural Development & Technology Drying and Preservation of Selected Non-Conventional Vegetables (Bamboo Shoot and MushroomHROOM) 15/05/2013
CHARU DWIVEDI Centre for Energy Studies Synthesis and characterization of metal oxide nanoparticles and nanostructured for dye sensitized solar cell applications 15/05/2013