PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
ANINDITA MAJUMDAR Humanities & Social Sciences Kinship and Relatedness in Commercial Gestational Surrogacy in India 12/01/2015
GANESH PRABHU. V Centre for Rural Development & Technology Scientific Analysis of Select Medicinal Plants from an Ayurvedic Perspective 12/01/2015
ADITYA SHARMA Department of Chemistry Quantum Dots Based Biosensors for Cancer Detection 07/01/2015
DHEERAJ KUMAR Department of Chemistry Chemistry of alkenyl, alkynyl and chiral oxazolinyl derivatives of cyclophosphazenes 05/01/2015
B. SHARAT CHANDRA VERMA School of Information Technology Architecture Exploration of Fpga Based Accelerators for Bioinformatics Applications 01/01/2015
PANKAJ PRIYA Department of Management Studies Purchase Behaviour for Store Brands in India: A Study of Processed and Packaged Food Category 26/12/2014
CHANDU SHANKARRAO MADANKAR Centre for Rural Development & Technology Development of Green Process for the Production of Bio-Lubricants from Castor Oil 26/12/2014
GOUTAM MUKHERJEE Department of Chemistry Accelerating Lead Molecule Discovery for Protein Targets via Sanjeevini Server 22/12/2014
AJAY KUMAR Department of Textile Technology Influence of structural characteristics of woolen yarn on performance properties of handloom carpet 18/12/2014
VED NATH MATHUR Department of Mechanical Engineering Stabilization and Impingement Heat Transfer Characteristics of Premixed Laminar Flames in an Array 16/12/2014
B.SHADRACK JABES Department of Chemistry Computer Simulations of Tetrahedral Liquids and Nanoparticle Dispersions 15/12/2014
MANOJ DEVKINANDAN SAROJ GUPTA Department of Computer Science & Engineering Matching in Dynamic Graphs 12/12/2014
APURBA MANDAL Department of Mechanical Engineering Dynamic Mechanical Modeling for Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Polypropylene Nanocomposites 10/12/2014
VIVEK KUMAR PATEL Department of Applied Mechanics Studies on the Flow Characteristics of Heated Coaxial and Multicoaxial Jets 10/12/2014
RAJNI SAGGU Department of Civil Engineering Numerical Analysis of Geothermal Energy Piles in Sand 05/12/2014
ALOK MISHRA Department of Mathematics On The Normal Bases Over Finite Fields 05/12/2014
MONAMI SINHA Humanities & Social Sciences Essays on Other-Regarding Preferences 05/12/2014
PIYUSH GUPTA ITMMEC Structural-cum-experimental methodology for rotating machinery by and for maintenance 05/12/2014
MS.DHARA DEVANG THAKORE Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Mass Propagation of Hairy root culture of Catharanthus roseus in a bioreactor 27/11/2014
PRIYANKA DHINGRA Department of Chemistry Development of A Homology/Ab Initio Hybrid Methodology for Sampling Near-Native Protein Conformations 26/11/2014