PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
SATYEN KUMAR DAS Department of Chemical Engineering Catalytic conversion of synthesis gas to fuel over Cu-K promoted and SiO2 /Al2O3 supported Fe catalysts 24/06/2014
JITENDRA PRATAP SINGH Department of Textile Technology Role of loop geometry on properties and performance of woven terry fabrics 18/06/2014
ANKIT KUMAR Department of Physics Growth – Anti Phase Boundary Correlation in Sputtered Fe3O4 Thin Films 17/06/2014
SRIDEBI BASU Department of Civil Engineering Optimal Alignment of a Canal Route 13/06/2014
ANKITA SRIVASTAVA Department of Textile Technology Studies on impact resistance behavior of woven textile structures treated with shear thickening fluids 12/06/2014
SACHCHIT KUMAR MAJHI Department of Chemical Engineering Direct conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons over Ga/Zn promoted Mo/HZSM-5 catalysts 10/06/2014
SUTAPA PATI Centre for Instrument Design & Development Values-Centred Design Framework for Sustainability 03/06/2014
IRFAN KHURSHEED SHAH Department of Civil Engineering Regeneration process intensification of voc spent carbon adsorbents 30/05/2014
SHIKHA SINGH Department of Electrical Engineering Design and Development of Improved Power Quality Switched Mode Power Supply Systems 27/05/2014
RAJIV NANDAN RAI Department of Mechanical Engineering Select Study of Procurement Process and Availability Improvement in Military Aviation 20/05/2014
ANMOL RATNA SAXENA Department of Electrical Engineering Analysis, Design and Development of Robust Digital Controllers for Fourth-order Boost dc-dc Converters 20/05/2014
MADHUR DEO UPADHAYAY Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Active Antennas for RF Systems 20/05/2014
PRAHLAD SINGH Department of Applied Mechanics Thermal Analysis of Lubricating Film Formation in Inlet Zone in Cold Rolling of Metallic Strips 19/05/2014
STUTI SHUKLA Department of Electrical Engineering Empirical Mode Decomposition for Power Quality Assessment and Improvement 13/05/2014
BHANU PRATAP SINGH Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Studies on Carbon Nanotubes based Epoxy Composites 08/05/2014
BRAJBHUSHAN SINGH Department of Physics Spin Transport in Dual Ion Beam Sputtered Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with MgO Barrier 05/05/2014
SARIKA SINGH Department of Physics Studies on surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic chemical and biochemical sensors 02/05/2014
SHARVAN KUMAR Centre for Biomedical Engineering Real time Physiological and Morphological Profile based Feto-Maternal Monitoring using Electrical Impedence Tomography 28/04/2014
NEETU AGRAWAL Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Electron optics with Dirac fermions: Electron transport in mono- and bi- layer graphene through various scalar and vector potential barriers 23/04/2014
RUCHI TIWARI Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Sputter Deposited Dielectric and Polysilicon Films for MEMS and Microelectronics Device Prototyping 16/04/2014