PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
PRAVIN KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Centre for Polymer Science & Engineering Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Lauryl Methacrylate using Single/Four Arm Inituator and Nanoclay as Additive 29/05/2012
AJAY AHUJA Department of Management Studies Select Aspects of Organizational Effectiveness of Data Centers: A Diagnostic Analysis 29/05/2012
RANJEET KUMAR Centre for Instrument Design & Development Optical trapping of mesoscopic transparent/metallic particles by spatially structured laser beam and characterization of trapped RBCs 25/05/2012
ARVIND KUMAR Department of Civil Engineering CFD Modelling for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conveying through Pipeline 25/05/2012
TRILOK SINGH Department of Physics Electrochemical Synthesis and Study of ZnO and ZnCdO Nanostructures 25/05/2012
DEEPAK TRIPATHI Centre for Energy Studies Parametric Coupling and Terahertz Generation in Laser Produced Plasmas 24/05/2012
RAKHI TRIPATHI School of Information Technology Select Study of Interoperability Adoption for One-stop Government Portal in India 23/05/2012
PALASH SINHA Centre for Atmospheric Science Extended Range Prediction of Summer Monsoon Rainfall over the Indian Region using Downscaling Approaches 21/05/2012
RAJU SHANKARAYAN Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Poly-lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticles: Transmucosal Permeation, Stabilization and Sustrained Release of Drugs 21/05/2012
RAVINDER KUMAR Department of Physics Analytical Investigations on Soliton Characteristics in Magnetized Plasmas with Trapped Electrons 21/05/2012
SHRUTI TRIVEDI Department of Chemistry Investigation of Cosolvent-Modified Ionic Liquid Mixtures 15/05/2012
AJAY SINGH Department of Electrical Engineering Optimization of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Conventional and Improved Energy Detectors 15/05/2012
TANVEER AFZAL FARUQUIE Department of Computer Science & Engineering Automated Analysis of Surveillance Videos Using Latent Topic Models 14/05/2012
GANESH WASUDEO RATHOD Department of Civil Engineering Seismic Hazard Assessment and Development of Attenuation Relationship for NCR of Delhi 04/05/2012
KSHITIJA WASON Humanities & Social Sciences Underlying psychological processes in conflict trajectories: Factors that catalyze perceptions of justice violations and consequent reactions. 03/05/2012
B.VENKATA NAGA SILPA Department of Computer Science & Engineering POWER OPTIMIZATIONS FOR GRAPHICS PROCESSORS 26/04/2012
PATEL VINODKUMAR NATHALAL ITMMEC Studies of Ball Bearing Vibrations Caused by Local Defects and Improvements in Fault Detection 23/04/2012
SHAILENDRA KUMAR SHARMA Department of Electrical Engineering Voltage and Frequency Controllers for Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion Systems 23/04/2012
RAGHVENDRA SAHAT SAXENA Department of Electrical Engineering Design and Simulation of Trench Gate Power MOSFETs for Switching and RF Applications 23/04/2012