PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
ANIMA JOHARI Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Synthesis and Study of Structural, optical and gas sensing properties of undoped and doped tin oxide (SnO2) nanostructures 16/09/2014
NEELI SATYANARAYANA Department of Electrical Engineering Multirate Functional Observer Design and its Control Applications 08/09/2014
SARVESH KUMAR DUBEY Department of Mathematics Geophysical Flow Simulations with Geodesic Hexagonal Meshes 04/09/2014
AMIT SRIVASTAVA Department of Management Studies Building a Model of Strategy Execution Excellence: A Study of Select Firms in Infrastructure Sector 03/09/2014
VARUN JINDAL Department of Mathematics The Uniform, Fine and Graph Topologies on Spaces of Continuous Functions 29/08/2014
JYOTI KATYAL Department of Physics Plasmonic Properties of Aluminium Nanostructures 29/08/2014
SUDHAKAR Department of Mathematics Approximation of p-structure, nonlocal Kirchhoff and MHD problems using weighted extended B-Spline based FEM. 27/08/2014
SHARAD KR. PRADHAN Department of Mechanical Engineering Finite Element Model Updating of Damped Structures using Frequency Response Data 14/08/2014
GAJANAN BHANUDAS PANCHAL Department of Mechanical Engineering Dynamic supply chain formation with multi-dimensional utilities 12/08/2014
HARI OM Department of Mechanical Engineering Stainless Steel Cladding By Advanced Submerged Arc Welding Process 08/08/2014
GURPREET KAUR Department of Chemical Engineering Development of Copper-Ceria Based Anodes For Direct Methane and Butane Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 08/08/2014
KAVITA Department of Mathematics Fast Adaptive Meshfree Wavelet based Methods for numerical solutions of PDEs and Integral equations 08/08/2014
CHAUHAN PRIYESH JAGDISHCHANDRA Department of Electrical Engineering An Investigation on Various Aspects of Application of Generalized Impedance Controller for Voltage and Frequency Regulation of Self-Excited Induction Generator 08/08/2014
DIPAK KUMAR SAHU Centre for Atmospheric Science Impact of Assimilation of Surface Observations on Indian Weather Simulation Using a Mesoscale Model 05/08/2014
LAHANE SUBHASH VASUDEO Centre for Energy Studies Effects of Injection Parameters on Fuel Spray and Combustion Characteristics of a Biodiesel Fuelled Diesel Engine 04/08/2014
PRAVIN KUMAR Department of Civil Engineering Occurrences and Environmental Fate of Emerging Contaminants (Pesticides And Pharmaceuticals) in Indian Water Matrices 25/07/2014
SUHAS VASANT VASAIKAR School of Biological Sciences A Boolean Analysis of Neurodegenerative Disease Networks 21/07/2014
M.S.MIKE WINIFRED JIMBRY ARUN Department of Mechanical Engineering Characterization of Long Bones Bending Under Impact 21/07/2014
PRIYANKA TYAGI Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Thermal and electrical studies of organic light emitting diodes for their enhanced performance 21/07/2014
PREMAKUMARA G Centre for Energy Studies Experimental System Development and Numerical Analysis of a Hydrogen Fuelled Engine for Transport Sector 18/07/2014