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Old stories

Mr. Nicollier , Swiss Astronaut enthralled the audience with a lecture on his four space missions on 14th August in the Dogra Hall

Mr. Nicollier


Mr. Nicollier addressing

Dr. Karl enthralled an audience of young and old with his "Magic Moments in Science" on 6th March at 6:00 PM in the Seminar Hall

Dr. Karl

Small girl giving a bouquet


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Prof Barry Marshall, Nobel Laureate, gave a talk on "The Excitement of Science and the Nobel Prize"

Poster of the talk

Prof. Marshall making a point


Director presenting a bouquet and Institute colors
Dr. Eric Drexler, renowned author and researcher in the area of nanotechnology, gave a talk titled 'Advanced Nanotechnology: A Road to Sustainable Abundance" on 6th Feb. 2008

Dr. Eric Drexler addressing the IIT Delhi faculty and students

Dr. Eric Drexler with the faculty
IIT Delhi Alumuns Mr. Satyam darmora is one of the top three contestants from Delhi in the "Lead India Campaign" Detailed Story

Mr. Prabhakar Raghavan, Head of Yohoo! Research in an article titled "India has the brains but where is the beef?" argues that limited research output from India is the main bottleneck in India's technology development Detailed Story

John W. Backus, 82, Fortran Developer, Dies

John W. Backus, who assembled and led the I.B.M. team that created Fortran, the first widely used programming language... Detailed Story

Chemistry Department honors all its Ph.D Graduates. Detailed Story

List of all Chemistry Ph.D Graduates (1968-2006)

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