Advt. of Project Positions

Project Title Deptt./Centre PI_Name Last_Date File
Management of Solid Waste (Kitchen Waste) by Employing Rapid Composting Techniques(RP02456) Duration :20-03-2011 CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.Sharma Satyawati 12/09/2011 View
Enzyme production and detoxification of deoiled jatropha seed cake by solid state fermentation for use in feed and protein products development (RP02423) CHEMISTRY Prof.S.K Khare 12/09/2011 View
Isolation Characterization and optimization of entomopathogenic fungi and their toxins for the control of house fly and formulation development (RP02503) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof. Anushree Malik 09/09/2011 View
Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG)(RP02202) Duration of project 24.02.2012 CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.Rajendra Prasad 09/09/2011 View
Human emotion recognition using computer vision (RP02373) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Dr.Sumantra Dutta Roy 08/09/2011 View
Mathematical Modeling of Dispersion of Air Pollutants in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (RP02494) CENTRE FOR ATMOSPHERIC SCI. Prof. Maithili Sharan 08/09/2011 View
National Programme On Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)(MI00418) TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Prof.Kushal Sen 08/09/2011 View
Vision-Guided Control of a Robot Manipulator(Sub project :# 3 under the Main Project # rp02346)(RP02349) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Prof. S.Dutta Roy 08/09/2011 View
M.Tech Programme For Students Sponsored by Larson and Turbo ltd (MI00724) CIVIL ENGINEERING Dr. S. Bishnoi 08/09/2011 View
Development of Robust Document Image Understanding System for Documents in Indian Scripts (OCR)Phase-II(RP02441) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Prof.Santanu Chaudhury 08/09/2011 View
Development of Video Compression Scheme Based On Parametric Coding (Sub Project # 1 under MI00581)(RP02165) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Prof.Santanu Chaudhury 08/09/2011 View
Managing Intangible Cultural Assets Through Onltolgical Interlinking (RP02361) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Prof.Santanu Chaudhury 08/09/2011 View
Sampling and Compression for Multiview 3-D Display (RP02359) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Prof.Santanu Chaudhury 08/09/2011 View
National Programme on Perception Engibeering (RP02171) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Prof.Santanu Chaudhury 08/09/2011 View
Advancing the Efficiency and Production Potential of Excitonic Solar Cells (APEX) [RP02436) CENTRE FOR ENERGY STUDIES Prof.Viresh Dutta 08/09/2011 View
Platform Dvelopment for design,characterzation and implementation of process analytical technology based process control schemes for downstream biotech processes(RP02393) CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Dr.Anurag S Rathore 08/09/2011 View
DBT Programme Support on Computational Biology (RP02146) CHEMISTRY Prof. B. Jayaram 07/09/2011 View
Development of Light Weight Ballistic Materials System for Body, Vehicle and Structural Armors (MI00810) Duration of the Project: Upto 31/3/2016 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar 06/09/2011 View
Transportation Research (MI00287) Duration of project:upto 31/12/2014 CIVIL ENGINEERING Prof.Geetam Tiwari 06/09/2011 View
INDEST Consortium (MI00310) LIBRARY Prof. G.P Agarwal 02/09/2011 View
Development ,characterization and performace evaluation of flyash filled friction composites for automotive braking applications(RP02391) CENTRE FOR POLYMER SCI. & ENGG. Dr. B.K Satapathy 26/08/2011 View
Water Resources - Ganga River Basin Management Plan (MI00841) CIVIL ENGINEERING Prof. A.K Gosain 25/08/2011 View
IPR Chair Professor in operation under the Prof.S.K.Jain .Department of Management Studies (MI00727) MANAGEMENT STUDIES Prof. S.K Jain 25/08/2011 View
Impact of storm surges. wind waves and seiches on the proposed Ka1pasar Dam (CW11336) CENTRE FOR ATMOSPHERIC SCI. Prof. S.K.Dube 25/08/2011 View
Multiphase reactors from GLS8 Conference (MI00619) DURATION OF PROJECT : UPTO 31/12/2013 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Prof.K.D.P. Nigam 25/08/2011 View
Novel silk fibroin-based nano-archtectured scaffolds to engineer osteochondral grafts (RP02261)(duration up to 10.08.2012) Scaffold -based control of chondrocyte phenotype towards engineering of intervertebral disk tissue (RP02225)(DURATION UP TO 20.04.2012) TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY Prof.Sourabh Ghosh 25/08/2011 View
Comparative Evaluations of Performance and Mass Emissions of an Automotive Passenger Vehicle Cuelled with the Enriched Biogas using Field Trial Tests-Sub-Project of BDTC (RP02048) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof. V.K.Vijay 23/08/2011 View
Testing and evaluation biomass cookstoves (RP02428)(Duration up to 01-12-2012) CENTRE FOR RURAL DEV. & TECH. Prof.Rajendra Prasad 23/08/2011 View
Wire less Body Area Network for Health Monitoring(RP02491) (Duration upto 30.06.2013) INSTRUMENTATION DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Prof. A.L.Vyas 19/08/2011 View
Non-Silicon Based Technologies for Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Devices(RP02395) CENTRE FOR APPLIED RESEARCH IN ELECTRONICS Prof.Vikram Kumar 19/08/2011 View