PhD research

Research title Abstract
Study of GaN based Schottky barrier diodes and the effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on their electrical properties View/Download
Effect of process parameters on microbial community profile in a high cell density anaerobic bioreactor View/Download
Fluidized Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying of Fine Particles View/Download
Stability Analysis of Time-delay Systems with Bounded Nonlinearity View/Download
Aggregation And Prototropic Behavior Within Ionic Liquid Based Media View/Download
Electro-optical studies of organic light emitting devices for efficiency enhancement View/Download
Parametric Instabilities and Self Focusing of Intense Laser Beams in Plasmas View/Download
Influence of land surface processes on simulation of western disturbances and associated precipitation View/Download
Urban and Industrial Air Pollution: Engineering and Strategic Planning for Environmental Security View/Download
Reduced order modeling and control of distributed parameter systems View/Download
Multilev el Adaptive Wavelet Methods for solution of PDEs View/Download
Eff ect of arti cial gauge field on ultra cold atoms with long-range interaction and Supersolidity in lattice and continuum systems View/Download
Experimental Investigation on Utilization of Hydrogen and CNG in a Port Injected SI Engine. View/Download
Phase Phenomena in Quantum and Classical Optics View/Download
Multi-Criteria, Multi-Stakeholder Decision Support Model for the Management of Electronic Waste: A Game Theoretic Approach View/Download
Religion, State & Nation: Assam's Sattras & their Dance View/Download
Development of biological system employing microbial consortium for pollutant removal from mixed waste stream View/Download
Measurement of temperature of gaseous flames using digital holographic interferometry View/Download
Power Quality Improvements in Lighting Systems View/Download
Frequency Regulation in Microgrids View/Download
Dynamic Studies of Rolling Element Bearings with Waviness as a Distributed Defect View/Download
Synthesis and Plasmonic Properties of Aluminium based Nanocomposites View/Download
Application of Model Order Reduction Techniques in Modern Power Systems View/Download
Algorithmic Aspects of Liar's Domination And Its Variations View/Download
Investigations on biometrics based information security systems View/Download