PhD research

Research title Abstract
Novel Reconfigurable Printed Antennas View/Download
Deformation, fracture and wear performance of polyamide6/maleated polyolefin blends and their nanocomposites View/Download
Development of heterogeneous catalyst for the transesterification of non-edible oil View/Download
Primal dual algorithms for map inference in mrf labeling problems View/Download
Performance Analysis and Power Allocation in Multi-Node Relaying Systems View/Download
Improved Algorithms for Using Radon Emission Anamolies as Reliable Precursors to Earthquakes using Statiscal and Artificial Neural Networks View/Download
Role of Paecilomyces in Rapid Composting and Plant Disease Management View/Download
Instabilities and Solitary Waves in Magnetized Plasmas under Ionization Effect View/Download
CO2 Sequestration through Mineral Carbonation in Alkaline Wastes View/Download
Experimental Investigations on the Relevance of Hydrodynamic Stability Theory to Wall-Turbulence View/Download
Characterization of isobornyl acrylate and methacrylate copolymers by NMR Spectroscopy View/Download
Synthesis and characterization of polyesters based on tartaric acid derivatives View/Download
Study of the suitability of an airbag in Indian motorcycle using finite elements computer simulations of rigid wall barrier tests View/Download
Analytical and numerical studies of hall thrusters View/Download
Simulation of track and intensity of tropical cyclones over north indian ocean and associated storm surges View/Download
Power Quality Improvement in Three-Phase Input AC Mains Fed Switched Mode Power Supply View/Download
Studies on Castorseed and Cottonseed Oil Biodiesels in Direct Injection Diesel Engine View/Download
Synthesis and characterization of linear, branched and network polysilanes and their reactivity studies towards Ag(I),Pd(II) and Au(III) ions View/Download
Utilisation of various straight vegetable oil-diesel and biodiesel-diesel blends in direct injection compression ignition engine View/Download
Development of depulper and decorticator for processing of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) fruits and seeds View/Download
Membrane Electrolysis for Bunsen Reaction of I-S Thermo-Chemical Cycle View/Download
Engineering Analysis and Applications of Dynamically Reconfigurable Complex Three Dimensional Photonic Lattices View/Download
Anion recognition properties of some novel imidazolium and amide-based receptors View/Download
Chemistry of organothioethers with metal ions of d10 electronic configuration View/Download
Investigations on Computer Aided Analysis and Control Aspects of Three-Phase Self-Excited Induction Generator for Decentralized Power Generation View/Download