PhD research

Research title Abstract
Efficient Algorithms and Models for Contemporary Railways Freight Operations View/Download
Certain Investigations on Impedance Source Inverter Topologies View/Download
Execution and Performance of Strategic Alliances: A Study of Software Companies in Indian Context View/Download
Synthesis and reactivity of base-stabilized Ge(II) compounds, their terminal chalcogenides, and base-stabilized Sn(II) compounds View/Download
Numerical modelling of internal waves in the western Bay of Bengal View/Download
Identification of Vaccine and Drug Targets Against Malaria View/Download
Modeling, Fabrication and Characterization of RF MEMS-based Inductors and Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators View/Download
Assessment and Evaluation of a Photovoltaic Micro-Grid in Sundarbans India for Designing Integrated Electricity Systems View/Download
Functional Assembly of Biological Membranes: A structural approach View/Download
Rain-Induced Wetting-Drying and Its Implication on the Durability Design of Concrete View/Download
Construction Project Performance Metrics: Conceptualization, Measurement And Application in Metro Rail View/Download
Rf Mems Switches and Phase Shifters for Microwave Applications View/Download
Electrospinning of Nanofibres and their Scale-up for Filtration Applications View/Download
Experimental Investigations and Cfd Modeling of Hydraulic Conveying Through Pipeline View/Download
Dinucleotide frequencies in DNA virus genomes: implications in virus evolution View/Download
Adaptive and Maladaptive Schema: Construction of a Psychological tool View/Download
Synthesis and characterization of earth abundant and low cost materials for solar cells application View/Download
Techno-economics of Solar Thermal Power Generation in India View/Download
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Metal Oxides and Their Integration in MEMS Technology for Gas Sensing Applications View/Download
Performance Improvement Techniques for Wireless Underwater Acoustic Link in a Multipath Impulsive Noise Channel View/Download
Use of highly active and /or reusable biocatalyst designs for biotransformations View/Download
Laser-Assisted Synthesis of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles and Spectroscopic Study of Their Interaction With Protein View/Download
Role of SIRT2 in regulating insulin signaling and insulin resistance in skeletal muscle, adipocytes and neuronal cells in vitro. View/Download
Analysis of Resilience Index in Supply Chain View/Download
Finite element model updating of vibro-acoustic cavities View/Download