Awards to students

Department of Textile Technology

Sumit Murab , Department of Textile Technology
First prize for poster award for the research project titled "Chitosan reinforced Silk microcomposite scaffold supports matrix accumulation for cartilage tissue engineering"
First prize for poster presentation
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Sharda Nara , Department of Textile Technology
Third prize for poster award for the research project titled "A new method of Cornea decellularization by 3D perfusion and characterization of acellular matrix by spectroscopic tools".
Third prize for poster presentation
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Department of Physics

Ms. Ajanta Barh , Department of Physics
Best Oral Award for her presentation entitled "Design of a compact SOI Polarization Rotator for mid-IR application"
"Best Oral Award" by CODEC 2012 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES during the recently held triennial 5th International Conference (CODEC 2012; Dec 17-19, 2013)
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Department of Chemical Engineering

Criti Mahajan and Ritubhann Gautam , Department of Chemical Engineering
'Blue Energy' (reverse electrodialysis)
Honeywell Young Innovator Award 2012 (April,2013)
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Department of Electrical Engineering

Ujjwal Kumar Kalla , Department of Electrical Engineering
The Thesis entitled 'Design and Development of Novel Electronic Var Controller for Voltage Regulation of Single Phase Self ExcitedInduction Generator'
National award for best M.Tech. Thesis in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2010
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