Active Tenders

NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
5612 N/W..A.R and M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi. SH..Replacement of old damaged street light cable Near Kailash and Himadri Hostel in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 03/07/2015 01/07/2015 View
5594 Purchase of Furnitures for Main Guest House 03/07/2015 19/06/2015 View
5593 High Resolution Scientific Digital Monochrome Camera System with Control Software, and other camera accessories 06/07/2015 18/06/2015 View
5584 Educational Licenses for CST Microwave Studio Suite 06/07/2015 15/06/2015 View
5588 FERMENTOR 07/07/2015 16/06/2015 View
5601 Self-Balanced Steel C-Loading Frame 08/07/2015 23/06/2015 View
5585 DSP Lock In Amplifier 08/07/2015 16/06/2015 View
5589 4 channel fiber coupled laser source 08/07/2015 17/06/2015 View
5605 Conducting a survey of 1800 establishments in Delhi 08/07/2015 25/06/2015 View
5614 Repairing and rewinding of Three Phase induction motor and repairing of Automatic Star Delta Starter of Condensor pump of central air conditioning plant of computer service center. 09/07/2015 02/07/2015 View
5617 NW A.R. and M.O. E.I. and Fans in Hostel Area ic street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub Head Replacement of old defective 6Amps plug points with modular type switch and sockets in Junior wing student rooms of Karakoram Hostel. 09/07/2015 02/07/2015 View
5609 Repairing of various capacity motors installed in central AC plants and window/ split air conditioners. 10/07/2015 29/06/2015 View
5595 High-Frequency High-Voltage Actuation-Sensing Setup 10/07/2015 19/06/2015 View
5608 Purchase of a perpetual license of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 13/07/2015 29/06/2015 View
5615 Class 100 Laminar Flow Bench 15/07/2015 02/07/2015 View
5613 Cryogenic shipping system (Microscopy) 15/07/2015 01/07/2015 View
5597 Supply and Installation of Variable Bandwidth Double Beam UV-visible Spectrophotometer and related accessories 17/07/2015 19/06/2015 View
5616 Lab instruments for Experimental Methods Laboratory. 20/07/2015 02/07/2015 View
5618 A.R & M.O. E.I and fans in academic area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head- Maintenance and Repairing of Electrical Installation i/c street lighting in academic area. 22/07/2015 02/07/2015 View
5619 Lab Scale Rapier Weaving machine 23/07/2015 02/07/2015 View
5600 MECHANISED HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES 24/07/2015 22/06/2015 View
5607 Purchase of Laser Speed Radar Two Nos. 24/07/2015 25/06/2015 View