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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
638 Quotations are invited for gap-cum-shaft vibration sensor for spindle 07/10/2011 23/09/2011 View
632 Purchase of ANSYS-Mechanical and CFX software (Academic Research) and COMSOL multi physics software. 07/10/2011 23/09/2011 View
633 Purchase of Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometers and Force Transducer. 07/10/2011 23/09/2011 View
598 Modification / Alteration of Nano Scale Research Facility Ground Floor, Block No. VI in Acad. Area at IIT Delhi. S.H. :-Providing and fixing Electrical Installation. 07/10/2011 19/09/2011 View
641 Providing and laying water supply: line form Tube Well No.6 to fencing of play ground (Opposite Bharti School Building) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi 07/10/2011 23/09/2011 View
677 CORRIGENDUM Reference: This Office NIT No. IITD/DW/24 (E)/EE (E)/2011/11 Dated: 28.06.2011 Implementation of Phase-I of the Energy Audit Report at tbe IIT Delhi. 07/10/2011 04/10/2011 View
596 NIQ FOR Three Mass flow controllers (MFC) suitable for Argon (one), oxygen (one) and Ammonia (one) gases along with Four Channel Mass Flow Controller Power supply/Readout. 05/10/2011 19/09/2011 View
643 Sealed Quotations are invited for purchase of Consumables for PCB Prototyping Facility 05/10/2011 26/09/2011 View
597 Provision of LAN switches services to Hostel 'D' (Girnar Hostel) at IIT Delhi. 05/10/2011 19/09/2011 View
599 A.R.& M.O.E.I. and fans in Hostel area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. S.H. :-Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Installation i/c street lighting in Hostel Area. 05/10/2011 19/09/2011 View
614 Providing & Fixing E.I. in Research Laboratory (Photonics Lab. MS -424) in Physics Deptt. at IIT Delhi. 05/10/2011 21/09/2011 View
644 Providing and fixing E.I. in newly built shed outside Block-V ITMMEC Department at IIT Delhi 05/10/2011 26/09/2011 View
645 Renovation in disaster Recovery site in Block -II Room no.433/1 at IIT Delhi. 05/10/2011 26/09/2011 View
559 NIQ for the purchase of a microarray platform 05/10/2011 08/09/2011 View
604 Sealed quotations are invited for the purchase of the finite-element package COMSOL Multiphysics (Floating Network Licenses). 05/10/2011 20/09/2011 View
586 NIQ FOR Branded Workstation 03/10/2011 14/09/2011 View
593 Notice inviting quotations for a U-band harmonic mixer with coaxial interface 03/10/2011 19/09/2011 View
594 Quotations are invited in sealed cover for An educational X-Ray unit for the following experimental studies 03/10/2011 19/09/2011 View
573 Sealed quotations are invited for petrological microscope 30/09/2011 12/09/2011 View
574 NIQ FOR Minerals,Rocks,Bronton and Clinometer 30/09/2011 12/09/2011 View
584 NIQ FOR Digital Pressure/Volume Controller 30/09/2011 14/09/2011 View
577 Renovation of Taxila Apartments in Hostel area (West Campus) at IIT Delhi. S.H. :-Providing and Fixing E.I. & Fans. 30/09/2011 12/09/2011 View
563 Replacement of existing wiring, switches etc. in Gas Dynamics Lab Room No. IV-I 54, IV-257 and III-159 in Academic area at IIT Delhi. 29/09/2011 09/09/2011 View
564 S/I/T/C of Manually operated Electrical Fire Alarm system in Nilgiri, Karakoram, Aravali, Jawalamukhi, Kumaon, Vindhyachal, Shivalik, Himadri, Kailash Hostel and F.G.H. at IIT Delhi. 29/09/2011 09/09/2011 View
558 Purchase of Potentiostat/Galvanostat with FRA & accessories 28/09/2011 08/09/2011 View
560 NIQ FOR tabletop plasma cleaner 28/09/2011 09/09/2011 View
561 NIQ FOR programmable spin coater. 28/09/2011 09/09/2011 View
580 Sealed quotations are invited for 64 Nos. 65AH, 12Volt SMF Exide Batteries under buy back of 96 Nos. 12V, 42AH Exide Batteries 28/09/2011 13/09/2011 View
628 CORRIGENDUM Reference: This Office NIQ No. IITD/DW/23(C)/EE (C-I)/2011/1696 Dated: 15.09.2011. A.R. & M.O. Public Health service at IIT Delhi during the year 2011-12. 28/09/2011 22/09/2011 View
629 CORRIGENDUM Reference: This Office NIQ No. IITD/DW/23(C)/EE (C-I)/2011/3295 Dated: 19.09.2011. A.R. & M.O. Building in Hostel area (West Campus) at IIT Delhi during the year 2011 -12. 28/09/2011 22/09/2011 View