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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
4627 NIQ for Study Table 11/08/2014 05/08/2014 View
4628 Name of work. (I) Shifting of 2 Nos Shops from Nalanda Building to in front of Nalanda at West Campus of IIT Delhi. (II) Providing the footpath for stationary shop from main road at Aravali Hostel of IIT Delhi. (III) Providing and laying the kota stone f 11/08/2014 05/08/2014 View
4629 N.O.W .. A.R and M.O Building in Hostel Area (West Campus) at IIT Delhi during the year 2014.2015. S.H... Injection grounting for walls of Main Reservoir near Satpura Hostel. 11/08/2014 05/08/2014 View
4645 corrigendum...Renovation of one cushioned synthetic basketball court of existing size including asphalt base to make proper slope. 11/08/2014 08/08/2014 View
4603 Purchase of batteries for UPS against buyback 11/08/2014 25/07/2014 View
4601 CCD camera for microscopy 11/08/2014 25/07/2014 View
4556 Purchase of Split Type High Temperature (1250 C°) Tube Furnace 10/08/2014 14/07/2014 View
4643 N/W ..A.R.and M.O. E.I. and fans in Hostel Area including street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. S.H...Restoring power supply to Jwalamukhi Hostel Pump No. 16 and Karakoram booster pump through under ground cables from minus metering panels. 08/08/2014 07/08/2014 View
4583 Automatic Video Based Contact Angle Goniometer 07/08/2014 21/07/2014 View
4602 Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 06 Nos. 4.0 Tr. Standing Tower Type Air-Conditioners in Faculty Guest house and server room of IT Building at IIT Delhi. 07/08/2014 25/07/2014 View
4630 Replacement of existing CFL fittings with LED fittings near Synergy Building infront of block II and Mechanical Engineering Deptt. in academic area at IIT Delhi. 07/08/2014 05/08/2014 View
4581 Branded Highend Workstation 06/08/2014 21/07/2014 View
4615 N.O.W.. A.R and M.O. Building in Hostel Area (West Campus) at IIT Delhi during the year 2014.2015. Sub Head..Painting work in boys hostel, faculty guest house and S.A.C Building of West Campus. 06/08/2014 31/07/2014 View
4560 Purchase of an FT-IR Spectrometer 05/08/2014 15/07/2014 View
4561 UV VIS Spectrophotometer 05/08/2014 15/07/2014 View
4587 Purchase of two server machines 05/08/2014 22/07/2014 View
4596 ReAdvertisemen..Core Flooding System 05/08/2014 23/07/2014 View
4613 CORRIGENDUM..Providing and Fixing LED fitting in block-II, Electrical Engineering Deptt. 05/08/2014 30/07/2014 View
4572 Purchase of a branded manual precision disc cutter for battery applications 04/08/2014 18/07/2014 View
4585 Renovation of one cushioned synthetic basketball court of existing size including asphalt base to make proper slope 04/08/2014 22/07/2014 View
4573 Procurement of 12 watt. surface mounting fitting 04/08/2014 18/07/2014 View
4593 Name of work.. A.R AND M.O. Central Store Works (Electricals) at IIT Delhi. Sub Head ..Procurement of Starter 40 watt/ Interior 630 amp./ MCCB 100 amp./ 200 amp. 04/08/2014 23/07/2014 View
4595 NIQ for the file Cover 01/08/2014 23/07/2014 View
4612 CORRIGENDUM..for the file Cover 01/08/2014 30/07/2014 View
4586 Workstation 31/07/2014 22/07/2014 View
4592 Vector Network Analyzer for material characterization based on S parameter technique 31/07/2014 22/07/2014 View
4591 Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 2 Nos.(2) Height High Mast Pole Lighting system of 20 m height for Cricket Practice Pitches in main stadium at IIT Delhi 31/07/2014 22/07/2014 View
4609 N/W.. A.R and M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi.SH..Providing Single Phase A.C. Power points in Kailash Hostel and Himadri Hostel in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 31/07/2014 30/07/2014 View
4562 Branded electric coin button cell crimping and disassembling machine for battery applications 30/07/2014 15/07/2014 View
4604 Providing and Fixing LED fitting in block.II, Electrical Engineering Deptt. 30/07/2014 28/07/2014 View