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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
4983 N/W.. A.R and M.O. Public Health Services at IIT Delhi during the year of 2014.2015. SH.. Operations of water supply System of Running of Tubewells, Pumps, Motors and Accessories...etc at IIT Delhi. 26/11/2014 18/11/2014 View
4986 N/W..A.R. and M.O. E.I. and fans in Hostel area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. SH..Providing and fixing E.I. for minor addition & alteration in Hostel Area, West side campus. 26/11/2014 19/11/2014 View
4991 CORRIGENDUM..for Executive Laptop Trolley Bags 26/11/2014 20/11/2014 View
4934 Purchase of Inverted Epifluorescence Microscope 25/11/2014 05/11/2014 View
4935 Procurement of optical microscopes for under graduate teaching lab at IIT Delhi 25/11/2014 05/11/2014 View
4955 Fabrication of integrated circuits 25/11/2014 11/11/2014 View
4945 DI water purification system 24/11/2014 07/11/2014 View
4970 Purchase of Turning Tool inserts 24/11/2014 13/11/2014 View
4976 Name of work Modification in Student Affairs Section for creating new Deans/Associate Dean office in M.S. Building (Phase I) at IIT Delhi. Sub- Head.. Civil Work 24/11/2014 14/11/2014 View
4997 N/W..A.R.and.M.O. E.I. and fans in Hostel Area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. SH.. Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Installation i/c street lighting in Hostel Area. (w.e.f.01/12/2014 to 31/01/2015). 24/11/2014 21/11/2014 View
4944 Piezi interface card and High resolution CMOS camera 23/11/2014 07/11/2014 View
4978 Name of work A/R and M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub- Head..Oil bound distempering , Plastic emulsion painting work and enamel painting work in different Laboratories, Toilets, Class Rooms and Lecture Theaters (Inside and Outside Area) 22/11/2014 14/11/2014 View
4979 Name of work A/R and M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head..Oil bound distempering, Plastic emulsion painting work and enamel painting work (Over Doors, Windows and Ventilators) in different Faculty Rooms, HOD Room, Committee room and d 22/11/2014 14/11/2014 View
4946 Sputter Coater 21/11/2014 07/11/2014 View
4982 AR and MO E.I in Sub Station at IIT Delhi. SH.. Operation and Routine maintenance of sub station Electrical Equipment and DG sets of various capacities installed at IIT Delhi. 21/11/2014 18/11/2014 View
4921 Wafer Probe Station 19/11/2014 29/10/2014 View
4971 Name of work..Providing and fixing E.I. and fans for renovation of House No. III-B/8/ A.5 (J.5) in east campus area at IIT Delhi. 19/11/2014 13/11/2014 View
4917 Compact Portable Laser Raman System 18/11/2014 28/10/2014 View
4937 Tintometer for analysis of Vegetables Oils and Fats 18/11/2014 05/11/2014 View
4965 corrigendum..A.R. and M.O Central AC Plant and package unit at IIT Delhi. S.H Annual maintenance of package ductable type AC of VI LT-1 and 2, V LT-2, IV LT-3 and other site in IIT Delhi 18/11/2014 12/11/2014 View
4927 Renewal of MICROSOFT CAMPUS AGREEMENT FOR ONE YEAR PERIOD(FROM 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015) 17/11/2014 31/10/2014 View
4932 Supply of Bed Sheet/Bath Towel & Hand Towel for Faculty Guest House 17/11/2014 03/11/2014 View
4940 Supply of Tea and Lunch at International Course 30 Nov -7 Dec 2014 15/11/2014 05/11/2014 View
4923 Refrigerated Centrifuge 14/11/2014 30/10/2014 View
4924 Cutting Tools and holders for Tornos CNC Turn Mill Deco 13 14/11/2014 30/10/2014 View
4930 Self Balanced Steel C Loading Frame 14/11/2014 31/10/2014 View
4950 Name of Work..Renovation of Electrical Engineering Lab II.339A in Academic area in IIT Delhi. sub head Electrical work. 14/11/2014 10/11/2014 View
4953 Renovation and Up gradation of B-type houses (30 Nos. Houses) in east campus at IIT Delhi. S.H.. Providing E.I. and Fans. 14/11/2014 11/11/2014 View
4926 Wind Turbine Emulator 13/11/2014 30/10/2014 View
4939 Renovation of Electrical Engineering Lab II-339 A in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub- Head Civil Work 12/11/2014 05/11/2014 View