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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
7544 Development of Rain water Harvesting system near Block IVC/14 & Block C-9 and Block G-Street in East Campus at IIT Delhi Sub Head: Civil work. 20/01/2017 06/01/2017 View
7533 High End Desktop/Graphics Workstation 20/01/2017 05/01/2017 View
7582 Purchase of server motherboard and memory (as upgrade) and Atom processor based laptop 20/01/2017 13/01/2017 View
7490 High Speed Camera for contact angle setup 18/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7492 Potentiostat 18/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7494 Contact Angle Measurement System with Rotatable Substrate Holder, Automated Dispenser and Temperature Control, and High Speed Camera 18/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7495 Gas-pipe line fitting and detection for diborane and phosphine from gas cabinet to existed PECVD system 18/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7505 Requirement of Material for Central civil Store at IIT Delhi.(Commercial block board and Plyood sheet) 18/01/2017 30/12/2016 View
7556 Providing the services of Helper for the office of AEE(C) / JE(C) at IIT Delhi. 18/01/2017 10/01/2017 View
7570 CORRIGENDUM for Purchase Of Gowns 18/01/2017 12/01/2017 View
7585 Providing and fixing copper plate earthing for SHPB equipment in GeoDyn laboratory of civil Engg. Deptt. 18/01/2017 16/01/2017 View
7484 Laser scanner for 3D shape measurement of complex objects 17/01/2017 27/12/2016 View
7485 Study of Laser beam profile 17/01/2017 27/12/2016 View
7486 Acousto-optic Effect 17/01/2017 27/12/2016 View
7487 124 Nos. (One Hundred Twenty Four) 12V-65AH SMF Batteries for ORION 40 KVA UPS 17/01/2017 27/12/2016 View
7475 Automatic Electrolytic Polishing and Etching Machine 17/01/2017 27/12/2016 View
7480 PROTON EXCHANGE MEMBRANE (PEM) FUEL CELL 17/01/2017 27/12/2016 View
7501 Providing and Fixing Chain link fencing work between Aravali and Jwalamukhi Hostel at IIT Delhi. Providing and Fixing Chain link fencing work cycle stand of Vindhyachal Hostel at IIT Delhi. 17/01/2017 29/12/2016 View
7530 Paint of Fire Panel, Fire Fighting Pipes, Hydrant boxes, F.B inlet boxes, all fire pumps etc. different Building at IIT Delhi. 17/01/2017 04/01/2017 View
7491 Tubular Furnace 16/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7539 NIQ for Wireless Internet Link 16/01/2017 06/01/2017 View
7545 NIQ for Digital Photocopier Machine 16/01/2017 06/01/2017 View
7425 Requirement of Material for Central civil Store at IIT Delhi 16/01/2017 19/12/2016 View
7471 Injection molding machine 16/01/2017 26/12/2016 View
7560 A.R and M.O E.I and fans in academic area ic street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head - Providing and fixing E.I. for Minor addition alteration in academic area at IIT Delhi. 16/01/2017 10/01/2017 View
7575 N.W..A.R. and M.O. Sub Station at IIT Delhi. SH..Restoring 11KV HT power supply through UG cable source feeding supply to Nilgiri SubStation from Synergy building RMU Panel. 16/01/2017 12/01/2017 View
7488 Purchase of 96 Well Plate Gradient PCR 13/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7489 Purchase of Electrophoresis System 13/01/2017 28/12/2016 View
7465 ADS Software Linceses 13/01/2017 23/12/2016 View
7531 Renovation of Single Crystal lab and development of outside enclosure for equipments in the Block I-34 and other miscellaneous civil works in Academic area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head- Civil work. 13/01/2017 04/01/2017 View