Awards to faculty

Prof. Mangala Joshi , View
3rd National Awards for technology Innovation for nomination entitled "Polyurethane/Nanagraphite based Multifunctional Coatings for Defence Applications under the category of Research in the field of Polymer Science & Technology"
Dr. Jayati Sarkar , View
Excellence in Research and Development (Under the age of 35 Years)
Dr. Sourabh Ghosh , View
The best paper presented by a scientist/academic faculty, given at the International Conference on Design of Biomaterials, held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Dr. J.T. Shahu , View
The best paper award in the field of ground improvement in transportation infrastructure. The paper titled "Effect of Geosynthetic Reinforcement on Clayey Subgrade - Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis on Railway Track".
Dr. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo , View
INAE Young Engineer Award 2012 for Achievements in the field of structural (earthquake) engineering.
Prof. Anil J Elias , View
INSA Teachers Award (2012) for Excellence in teaching and for inspiring students to take up careers in Science and Technology.
Dr. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo , View
IEI Young Engineers Award 2012-13 for Contribution in the field of Earthquake Engineering
Dr. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo , View
DAE Young Scientist Research Award for Research project entitled "Performance-based design of special concentrically braced frames for enhanced earthquake resistance"
Dr V M Chariar , View
Recognises creative contribution made to Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector
Dr Vijayaraghavan M Chariar , View
Visiting Lecturership during Fall Semester 2012-13 at Arizona State University, Mesa, AZ, USA.