PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
ZARINA P P Department of Electrical Engineering Ancillary Services by Renewable Sources 05/10/2016
SOUMIC SARKAR Department of Electrical Engineering Formation Topologies and Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems 04/10/2016
AKANKSHA MEHROTRA Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Energy-neutral thermophilic sludge digestion and metal leaching process 04/10/2016
RAVIKANT SAINI Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management Resource Allocation for Secure OFDMA with Untrusted Users 04/10/2016
ANUBHA JINDAL Department of Mathematics The Open-Point, Bi-Point-Open and Bi-Compact-Open Topologies on C(X) 04/10/2016
MANISHA AGGARWAL Department of Mathematics The Cofinally Complete Metric Spaces and their Relatives 04/10/2016
VIVEK SONI Department of Management Studies System Modeling for Security and Sustainability in India Energy Sector: Select Issues 04/10/2016
SYAMANTAK DAS Department of Computer Science & Engineering Scheduling with Outliers to Minimize Load and Flow-time 03/10/2016
DINESH UDAR Department of Mathematics On Group Rings with Certain Restricted Conditions 03/10/2016
KOENA MUKHERJEE Department of Electrical Engineering Robust Region Reaching and Tracking Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 30/09/2016
POOJA SRIVASTAVA Department of Civil Engineering Monitoring And Risk Assessment Of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) In A Stretch Of River Ganges 28/09/2016
VARUN KUMAR Centre for Instrument Design & Development Digital holographic interferometry for the measurement of temperature profile, heat dissipation and contouring 23/09/2016
ASHUTOSH PASTOR School of Biological Sciences Structure-function relation and chaperone assisted folding of Maltodextrin glucosidase: A structural biology and protein engineering approach 21/09/2016
SATYENDRA SINGH Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Concentration And Removal Of Arsenic Using Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (Srb) 21/09/2016
GEZAHEGN HABTAMU TAFESSE Department of Mechanical Engineering Investigations On Regeneration Of Liquid Desiccants Using Solar Energy 19/09/2016
MANOJ KUMAR SINGH Department of Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and the Catalytic Activity of New Covalent Metalloporphyrin Frameworks 19/09/2016
VIJAY KUMAR Centre for Atmospheric Science Modelling the Physico-Biological Processes of Eastern Arabian Sea 19/09/2016
PUSHP RAJ TIWARI Centre for Atmospheric Science Dynamical Downscaling For Wintertime Seasonal Prediction Of Precipitation Over Northwest India 16/09/2016
VAKIL GAURANG INDRAVADAN Department of Electrical Engineering Analysis and Design of Permanent Magnet Generators and Doubly Fed Induction Generators for Renewable Energy Applications 16/09/2016