PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
Mansi Agrawal Department of Physics Studies on surface modification for heteroepitaxial growth of GaN 16/09/2011
MITHILESH KUMAR Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Active Antenna And Circuits For UWB Transceivers 12/08/2011
Naresh Mohit V S Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Production and Characterization of Bacterial Nanomagnets 04/08/2011
Pradhumn Singh Department of Chemistry Platinum Group Metal Complexes of Hybrid Organochalcogen Ligands and Catalytic Organic Synthesis 04/08/2011
Mahendra Kumar Department of Electrical Engineering Modeling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of Air-Conditioning Systems 01/08/2011
Mohit Sharma ITMMEC Carbon fabric reinforced polymer composites: Development, surface designing by micro and nano PTFE and performance evaluation 28/07/2011
Rajeev Kukreja Department of Mechanical Engineering Study of condensation characteristics of pure and mixtures of HFC refrigerants in horizontal tubes with micro-fins 26/07/2011
Swapna Singha Rabha Department of Chemical Engineering Numerical & Experimental Investigations of Microscopic Gas? Liquid Flows 25/07/2011
Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay Department of Chemical Engineering Investigation of Multiphase Reactors Using Radioactive Particle Tracking 22/07/2011