PhD research

Research title Abstract
Synthesis of N-heterocycle based conjugated materials for potential electronic applications View/Download
Relay Coordination In Distribution Systems With And Without Distributed Energy Resources View/Download
Advances in Forecasting Techniques in Deregulated Power Market View/Download
In Situ Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Textiles for Enhanced Properties. View/Download
Analysis, Design and Control of Solar Photo-Voltaic Energy Integration for a Smart Grid Distribution System View/Download
Analysis, Design and Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion Systems View/Download
Integrated Structural Health Monitoring and Energy Harvesting Potential of Adhesively Bonded Thin Piezo Patches Operating in D31 Mode View/Download
Quinoxaline and Triazole Based Sulfur:/Selenium Ligands: Metal Complexes for Catalytic Activation View/Download
Dynamics of closed-loop multi-body systems and their application to haptic interfaces View/Download
Studies on Heavily Loaded Slow Speed Journal Bearing View/Download
Metal-organic solids based on rare-earth molybdates: Synthesis, crystal structures, optical and magnetic properties View/Download
Studies on Graphene Based Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Nanocomposite View/Download
Studies on thermo-physiological properties of plated knits View/Download
Studies on moderately halophilic bacteria and their salt and solvent stable proteases View/Download
Units in Finite Loop Algebras of RA and RA2 Loops View/Download
Nonlinear Dynamics of Bimodular Laminated Composite Panels View/Download
Design, Synthesis and Self-Assembling Properties of Peptide-based Dendrimers View/Download
A Uml Based Framework for Transaction Level Modeling View/Download
Energy Optimizations for Scratch Pad Memory Based SIMD Architectures View/Download
Studies on Ionic Liquid Induced Changes within Various Chemical Systems View/Download
Automating Lead Molecule Discovery for Protein Targets Via Sanjeevini Server View/Download
Addressing Some Pricing Issues in Deregulated Electricity Markets View/Download
Modelling of Vector Prevalence Vis-A-Vis its Vulnerability to Climate Change View/Download
Treatability Study of the Industrial Effluent by Electrocoagulation View/Download
Performance modeling of coal fired drum type boiler runback system View/Download