PhD research

Research title Abstract
Microcellular Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Foams View/Download
Investigations on Standalone Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Converstion Systems View/Download
Expert System Approach for Solar Radiation Estimation and Prediction for Application in Buildings View/Download
Experimental and numerical studies on pile behavior under combined lateral and uplift loads View/Download
Rejection mechanism for arsenate, chromate and phosphate ions via Polyacrylonitrile Ultrafiltration Membrane View/Download
Optimization of Integrated Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan View/Download
Interaction of glycated serum protein and hemodynamic stress on endothelial cell function in hyperglycemia View/Download
Studies on corona-charged polypropylene fibrous electrets View/Download
Lean Machine Tool Structures by Design-Analysis Integration View/Download
Investigation on some aspects of brushless generation of power using matrix converter from variable speed wind energy sources View/Download
Utilization of Marble and Granite Powders as Green Building Materials in Concrete View/Download
Modelling Plankton Dynamics in the East Coast of India View/Download
Optical interferometric studies of nematic liquid crystal materials and their applications View/Download
Development of a Granular Media Based Solid-Liquid Separation Technique for Aerobic Biological Wastewater Treatment View/Download
Characterization of the plasma in a Large Volume Plasma System produced by Compact Electron Cyclotron Resonance Sources View/Download
Polyurethane/Clay based Nanocomposite Films and Nanofibres for Topical Drug Delivery Application View/Download
Biomethane from algal biomass: Feasibility enhancement through pretreatment, codigestion and coupling with wastewater treatment View/Download
Characterization of Urban Heat Islands over Megacity Delhi and Simulating its Effect on Building Energy Consumption with Mitigation Strategies View/Download
Investigating the Functional Loss Mechanisms of Angiogenin Mutations in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis through Computational Prediction and Experimental Validation View/Download
Evaluation of mechanical properties of heater tube materials of refineries at various temperatures using miniature sample testing approach View/Download
High Efficiency Solar Microinverters with Isolated Output View/Download
Regulatory and functional dissection of miR-191 in breast cancer View/Download
Chalcogenated N-Heterocycles Based Ligands in Catalytic Activation and Nanoparticles Synthesis View/Download
Tensile Mechanics of Regular Braided Structures View/Download
Kinship and Relatedness in Commercial Gestational Surrogacy in India View/Download