PhD research

Research title Abstract
Analyses and experimental investigations of railway tracks on clayey subgrades with and without geosynthetic reinforcement View/Download
Co-cracking of jatropha oil with vacuum residue, high density polyethylene and bagasse to derive value added fuels and products View/Download
Synthesis and Characterization of Ion-Exchange Membrane for Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery View/Download
Politics of India's Economic Reforms (1991/92-2004) View/Download
Performance studies of 802.11 MAC based on order dependent capture capability at PHY View/Download
Development of an efficient model for inverse conjugate heat transfer problems View/Download
Optical Techniques for Biomolecular Sensing View/Download
Studies on Parameter Estimation and Contraction based Controller Design of Aircraft System View/Download
Silver nanoparticle dispersions for antimicrobial finishing of textiles View/Download
Metaheuristic multi-objective optimization for in-situ bioremediation of groundwater View/Download
Novel Speed Control Techniques for the Vector Controlled PMSM Drive View/Download
Laser plasma interaction and terahertz (THZ) field emission View/Download
Monitoring and Control of Power System Inter-Area Oscillations using Wide Area Measurement Systems View/Download
Synthesis and Study of Structurally Tailored Magnetic Nanowires View/Download
Snow and Glacier Melt Simulation for Hydrology in a Typical Himalayan Watershed View/Download
'The Discourse of Education: Re-Examining the Concept of Inclusion Via a Study of the Narratives of School Children and the Indian State' View/Download
Microbial fuel cell coupled anaerobic waste water treatment View/Download
Modeling and Analyzing Web Protocols for Trust and Secrecy View/Download
Short-term scheduling of refinery operations View/Download
Investigations on Renewable Energy Based Single Phase Power Generation Using Self Excited Induction Generators View/Download
Intelligent condition monitoring of induction machines View/Download
Nematode Control through Biological Means View/Download
An exploration of the sustainable policy for the development of India's water to meet future challenges View/Download
Modeling Disparity and Surface Slant Selectivity in Primary Visual Cortex View/Download
An Integrrated Approach for Mahua Seed Cake Utilization View/Download