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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
8531 PMSG Wind Turbine Emulator having Grid connected ability 16/08/2017 26/07/2017 View
8532 PV Emulator 16/08/2017 26/07/2017 View
8580 Name of work -A/R and M/O buildings in residential area in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 16/08/2017 03/08/2017 View
8589 Name of work - A.R. and M.O. Building in Boys Hostel Maintenance Area at IIT Delhi during the year 2016-2017. 16/08/2017 08/08/2017 View
8636 Supplying and laying cable from Near CPWD Office to LHC DG Set Panel in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 16/08/2017 11/08/2017 View
8518 CNC Router and Engraving System 14/08/2017 24/07/2017 View
8521 Single column Tensile Tester 14/08/2017 24/07/2017 View
8542 Air Sampling Filter Paper 14/08/2017 28/07/2017 View
8514 Electro-dynamic shaker with power supply and compatible controller 11/08/2017 21/07/2017 View
8537 PM-2.5 Sampler 11/08/2017 27/07/2017 View
8584 A.R & M.O. E.I. and fans in academic area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head:- Replacement of existing cable of Emergency supply of Micro Model. 11/08/2017 04/08/2017 View
8501 Online gas chromatograph for measurement of hydrogen engine exhaust 10/08/2017 20/07/2017 View
8505 Double Beam Spectrophotometer 10/08/2017 20/07/2017 View
8506 Computer Colour Matching System 10/08/2017 20/07/2017 View
8507 Hybridization Oven 10/08/2017 20/07/2017 View
8508 Probe Sonicator for Processing of Biological Materials 10/08/2017 20/07/2017 View
8513 N/W:- A.R. & M.O. Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. SubHead :- Operation & Routine Maintenance of Electrical Equipments installed in various Sub-Station at IIT Delhi. 10/08/2017 21/07/2017 View
8535 Providing Accommodation to IIT Delhi Students/Project staff members (both MALE and FEMALE). 10/08/2017 27/07/2017 View
8536 Microbalance 10/08/2017 27/07/2017 View
8547 CORRIGENDUM..Name of work:- A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head:- Repair/ Maintenance work in AD-212 Alumini Affairs International Programmes in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 10/08/2017 31/07/2017 View
8548 Name of work..A.R and M.O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head.. Providing and Fxing wooden panelling for covering electrical cnduit pipe in corridor of IDDC (Ground floor) in Workshop block in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 10/08/2017 31/07/2017 View
8488 Differential Scanning Calorimeter 09/08/2017 19/07/2017 View
8490 Multipoint Calibrator along with zero air generator for the application of Gas sensor 09/08/2017 19/07/2017 View
8574 C band Semiconductor Optical Amplifier 09/08/2017 02/08/2017 View
8583 Wiring for new connection, shifting of telephone , LAN and fixing of CCTV Camera in various location at IIT Delhi. 09/08/2017 04/08/2017 View
8588 A.R. & M.O. E.I. and fans in academic area i/c street light and arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub –Head: - Replacement of existing wiring of fluid Dynamics lab of block-II of Chemical Engineering Deptt. 09/08/2017 08/08/2017 View
8437 A wireless Electroencephalogram (EEG) data acquisition system that can record electrical signals from scalp of human 08/08/2017 06/07/2017 View
8476 Name of work-A/R and M/O Building in Boys Hostels Maintenance area at IIT Delhi during the year 2017-2018. Sub-Head-Dismantling old damaged plaster an Re-plastering on the external surface of Udaigiri Hostel and other Hostel at IIT Delhi 08/08/2017 17/07/2017 View
8480 3D Printer 08/08/2017 18/07/2017 View
8481 Ultrafast HPLC system 08/08/2017 18/07/2017 View