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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
4468 corrigendum..Supply, installation and integration of one (01) FPLC as a part of Equipment for teaching UG Biology Laboratory Item No. 34 02/07/2014 17/06/2014 View
4469 corrigendum Supply, installation and integration of five (05) Electrophoresis Apparatusas a part of Equipment for teaching UG Biology Laboratory Item No. 25 02/07/2014 17/06/2014 View
4470 corrigendum... Supply, installation and integration of two (02) Centrifuges (floor model) as a part of Equipment for teaching UG Biology Laboratory Item No. 30 02/07/2014 17/06/2014 View
4471 corrigendum... Supply, installation and integration of one (01)Bioreactor with probes and multiple vessels as a part of‐Equipment for teaching UG Biology Laboratory‐Item No.36 02/07/2014 17/06/2014 View
4475 Comsol Multiphysics Software 02/07/2014 17/06/2014 View
4491 Name of work. AR AND MO Building in East Campus during the year 2014.2015 at IIT Delhi. SH.. Recast of damaged boundary wall near Adhchini Gate in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 02/07/2014 23/06/2014 View
4490 Name of work.. A.R. and M.O. Building in Residential Area at IIT Delhi during the year 2014. 2015. Sub Head.. Cleaning of rainwater harvesting wells and soakpits at various locations in IIT Delhi. 01/07/2014 20/06/2014 View
4383 Purchase of Digital Optical Microscope 30/06/2014 22/05/2014 View
4459 Quotations for fabrication of a custom integrated circuit on a 0.13um CMOS process 30/06/2014 16/06/2014 View
4461 Printing of Institute Publications for the year 2014.2015. 30/06/2014 16/06/2014 View
4437 Procurement of Automatic Transfer Switch. 30/06/2014 13/06/2014 View
4483 NIQ for Twin Envelop(Solo MC212)As per sample with logo print single Black Colour. 27/06/2014 19/06/2014 View
4511 A.R M.O.E.I and fans in residential area ic street Light arrangement at IIT Delhi. S.H : E.I. and fans in House No.IV 1 A2 in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 27/06/2014 27/06/2014 View
4425 NIQ for upgrade of PCs in Bharti School 26/06/2014 06/06/2014 View
4438 Ultra low temperature deep freezer 26/06/2014 13/06/2014 View
4460 Chemiluminisence Blot Scanner (Luminometer) 25/06/2014 16/06/2014 View
4435 Graphics Workstation 25/06/2014 12/06/2014 View
4418 Combined diffractive optical null element 24/06/2014 02/06/2014 View
4427 NIQ for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant 24/06/2014 09/06/2014 View
4428 NIQ for Water Softener Plant 24/06/2014 09/06/2014 View
4472 N.O.W..A/R and M/O Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head.. Repairing and maintenance work like laying ceramic tiles flooring, kota stone flooring, precast terrazzo, chequered precast cement concrete tiles, aluminium work with fitting, cleanin 24/06/2014 17/06/2014 View
4473 N.O.W.. A/R and M/O Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head ..Miscellaneous repair and maintenance work like cement concrete, cement plaster, P/F Thermo freeze sheet for cover duct, 20 mm thick shutter for electrical cupboard, and toilet repair 24/06/2014 17/06/2014 View
4474 N.O.W.. A/R and M/O Building in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head..Repair and Maintenance work like oil bound distemper, painting work, wall painting with plastic emulsion in common area in different place in academic area at IIT Delhi. 24/06/2014 17/06/2014 View
4488 N/Work..A.R and M.O E.I and fans i/c street light arrangements in residential area at IIT Delhi. S.H. Providing and Fixing Garden Lights in Himadri Hostel in east Campus at IIT Delhi. 24/06/2014 20/06/2014 View
4410 Name of Work..Replacement of 2 Nos. 20 passenger lifts in Vishwakarma Bhawan at IIT Delhi. 23/06/2014 28/05/2014 View
4462 COORIGENDUM..MedeA software and its additional modules for modeling and simulation 23/06/2014 16/06/2014 View
4414 Fermentor 20/06/2014 30/05/2014 View
4484 A.R.and M.O. E.I. and fans in academic area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. SH..Replacement of existing burnt out TPN switch and MCCB in the existing panel board in block.VI. 20/06/2014 20/06/2014 View
4440 Providing E.I. and fans in renovation of A 2 Block in east campus at IIT Delhi. 19/06/2014 16/06/2014 View
4407 Benchtop Laser Diode/TEC Controller ITC 4001 18/06/2014 27/05/2014 View